Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®): Chronic pain-relieving medical device completes Veterans Administration (VA) clinic protocols

The sam® Sport non-invasive, multi-hour, wearable ultrasound device reduces the need for opioid-based medicine in the treatment of acute and chronic injuries

TRUMBULL, CT – 7 Aug, 2017 – ZetrOZ Systems LLC – makers of the sam® Sport medical technology – announces the completion of Veterans Administration treatment protocols in order to relieve acute or chronic pain, without the need for prescription opioid-based pain medication. The device can be ordered by prescription from VA clinics.

sam® Sport ( treats soft-tissue injuries and chronic pain by significantly accelerating healing times, all the while allowing doctors to reduce prescriptions for pain-medication. The device is the first of non-invasive, multi-hour, wearable ultrasound device to treat acute and chronic injuries. It is used by professional athletic teams in the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and U.S. Olympic teams.

sam® Sport is currently being used by the veteran population in Charleston, South Carolina to reduce and eliminate chronic pain. “The sam® Sport is easy and gives a veteran the opportunity to control their pain with daily home use,” said Dr. Janine Tumminia, senior outpatient physical therapist at the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Administration Medical Center in Charleston. She supervises the use of sam® Sport by injured patients. “I’ve seen veterans who have exhausted other means of pain management make tremendous improvements in their pain control with the sam® Sport,” she said.

Mr. Glenn M. Yawn, Veteran and former U.S. Air Force Special Operations knows from personal experience with sam® Sport how effective the device is on chronic shoulder pain. “Last year I incurred a partial tear of one of the tendons in my rotator cuff. I went through the typical process of physical therapy, pain pills and steroidal injections without much benefit. I was recommended sam® Sport by my orthopedic doctor as a new treatment option. I used the device for 12 days straight and had nearly an 80% reduction in pain,” he said. The sam® Sport medical device has allowed Mr. Yawn to avoid surgery and stay off of opioid pain medication. “Words cannot express how thankful I am for being able to have relief from pain without meds,” he said.

The growth of national insurance coverage and medical utilization of the device among the U.S. general population and the Veterans Administration could help solve the opioid crisis in the United States. Over 62,000 people in the U.S. died from opioid overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency believes that the problem is currently worse.

sam® Sport – a non-addictive method for managing pain – eliminates the need for opioids,” said George Lewis, Ph.D., chief executive officer for ZetrOZ Systems. The product has been clinically proven to increase collagen laydown (accelerates the natural healing process in soft tissue), brings oxygenated blood to muscle tissues, accelerates angiogenesis  (stimulates capillary development) and increases blood flow, which is important for joint stiffness, muscle recovery, healing and eliminating pain, he explained.

ZetrOZ Systems, LLC: ZetrOZ Systems, is a cGMP, ISO 13485 medical device manufacturer and sustained acoustic medicine pipeline development company. The company is the global leader in non-invasive medical devices to accelerate tissue healing and relieve pain for chronic musculoskeletal conditions. sam® Sport is manufactured in the United States and available by prescription from licensed healthcare professionals.

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