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Georgia, United States – Leisure and Hospitality industries continue to see significant growth in terms of employment demands along with the Education and Health Services industries. As individuals prepare to pursue a career in these fields, there are some additional factors to be considered. Initially, a consumer will consider the wages, type of work and expected hours. However, many are not considering the amount of time standing or sitting.

According to a report from PR Newswire, the scientific community has coined the term, “Sitting Disease” as more and more Americans continue to live a sedentary lifestyle. This is a result of Americans sitting for at least 13 hours and getting a full 8 hours of sleep which equates to 21 hours a day of being inactive.

To avoid the effects of “Sitting Disease,” individuals may pursue an active lifestyle which includes a routine gym regime or pursuing a career that allows them to stand and move freely. Individuals who stand at work benefit from reducing weight gain as well as improving their memory and concentration. Where there are pros, there are cons as well. Individuals who spend too much time at work can experience swelling of the legs and feet and lower back pain.

If an individual has the opportunity, it is recommended to set up a balance between sitting and standing at work. For those who do not have that luxury, there are some tips to alleviate the effects of standing for too long. Many of these problems can be solved by wearing the proper shoe which will vary from individual and their profession.

Individuals are encouraged to visit BestShoes.Reviews have put together an extensive list of the best shoes for standing all day in a convenient location. The website is easy to navigate and as consumers scroll down they will find three hyperlinks that lead to the best shoes for men or women. This allows an individual to find shoes that cater specifically to their needs. An individual will find the top choice for men, women or unisex choices which cover the best work boots and best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Following an extensive review from brand and shoe type, ensuring an individual is finding the best shoes to meet their needs.

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