Northwood Preschool Offers Child Care Innovation that is Perfect for Any Family

A London preschool is leading the way when it comes to offering exceptional and innovative childcare that aims to help children to learn, grow, and develop the skills they need to be successful in their later education.

The Northwood Preschool is situated in London and provides child care and preschool education that focuses on delivering excellence and innovation across all areas of their curriculum.

Placing its children at heart of its organisation, The Northwood Preschool focuses on ensuring that children develop the skills and education they need to enjoy the best possible start, at a key stage in their development.  

Here at Northwood, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the children in our care receive an enriching and innovative education.

While it’s not required for a child to be in a nursery until the age of five, we firmly believe that enrolling your child in a nursery as early as 3 years old can have a huge impact on their development, providing them with the comfort of a supportive space that they continually visit. Plus, our child care facilities are a great place for children to learn while their parents are at work.

With over 30 years of experience collectively between staff members, the Northwood Preschool tailors’ children’s learning experience to their individual needs, skills, and talents – focusing on many areas of the curriculum, including the arts, science, music, technology, numeracy, physical exploration, and literacy.

In recent years’ studies have revealed that nurseries can play an important role in boosting the academic success of children in their early years. This is because enrolling children in a pre school will not only give them an early grasp of letters and numbers, but it will also teach them to enjoy the learning process through nursery rhymes and playing with numbers and letters.

But that’s not all… experts believe that children who are shown support from their parents early on are also likely to achieve better grades later in their education. The activities enjoyed by children in preschool also give parents the chance to praise their children.

Children who were also shown support from their parents early on are likely to receive better grades and the activities in preschool give parents the chance to praise their children.

Research has proven that pre school environments can offer far more learning opportunities than children would receive at home. This is because the benefits of nurseries can be seen in children during their later learning careers, especiallywhen it comes to providing the skills they need to become productive members of society.”

Northwood Preschool is open fifty-one weeks out of the year, from Monday through Friday, and from 7AM to 7PM. For more information, check out their website.

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