Tree Removal Services are just a Phone Call Away with Ajax Tree Services

Ajax, Ontario Value for money, workmanship, and quality services are the three things that Ajax Tree Services pride itself with. Its regional convenience within the community gives effective and affordable tree removal for residential and commercial properties and emergency tree removal situations. Ajax Tree Service assures clients with quality workmanship coupled with professionals who are exceptional at what they do.

Along with tree removal, Ajax Tree Service also offers tree pruning, stump removal, and storm damage response. For clients’ orientation, there are cases where tree removal is necessary. The company states three reasons: tree health, lack of space, and selective tree species being more fragile than others as indication that trees need to be excavated. Nevertheless, they rise above the occasion and offer supplement services like restoring the removal site’s cleanliness. “We understand you want the job done right the first time. You don’t want half of the tree removal job leaving you with a clean-up. Your property is a huge investment and you want a professional who is skilled in the tree service industry,” says company representative. Ajax Tree Service serves residential and commercial properties and can be contacted even after stormy weather.

Damaged trees can be quite dangerous and this firm has a solution with that—emergency damage tree clean-up and stump removal. For big trees, stump removal may be the best bet. Dead trees usually rot and could start attracting pests (like carpenter ants and termites) that could affect even the home if not treated. Moreover, stumps can be a safety hazard especially for animals and small children. Removal of stumps can mean an increase on aesthetic value of the lawn or lot making it look smooth and pristine. For more information, visit

Ajax Tree Service’s advantages lies with their commitment to making their customers feel protected. Staff and laborers are insured and bonded assuring that even if accidents happen, all parties are covered. Depending on the size, location, and circumstantial conditions, tree removal costs from this company are reasonable. Inclusive with their costs are their action to urgency. High standard service is not deterred by a hectic schedule. Ajax Tree Service makes an effort to be on time, every time.

For more details and information, those who are interested may call (647) 559-1724 or email for inquiries. The company operates in the Durham, Ontario, and Greater Toronto region and has recently launched their website at

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