Acculawn Launches Minneapolis Commercial Lawn Service

Minneapolis, MN Acculawn, one of America’s best commercial lawn mowing services is already opening up to clients in Minneapolis, especially in the Twin Cities Area, to cater to those who are in need of people to clean their lawns and trim grass, or to remove snow during winter. Apart from operation expansions, the company comes with a new logo and a new name to further embody this said expansion.

Acculawn services has been proudly offering quality care and maintenance for clients all year round, with a special focus in serving commercial properties. They take pride in going beyond just lawn mowing. They cater to complete lawn care, with a wide array of snow removal and yard maintenance services to make sure that the lawn, house, or the commercial lot is the single best on the block. They make sure that the general first impression that people get upon visiting the home or business establishment is the best possible, given that the lawn is the first thing company sees and makes judgments on.

Keeping a lawn clean has a lot of advantages, and for those who own one, it’s considered a major necessity. This is because maintenance of lawns prevents stray animals from settling in, such as mosquitoes, grasshoppers, mice, or even snakes, with the latter being potentially dangerous once it gets to invade an urban settlement. Also, huge piles of snow which accumulate on days of heavy snowfall could block paths, ice walkways, and could be a liability issue if a tenant, employee, or customer injures themselves due to ice or snow. This brand new commercial lawn service Minneapolis prevents these risks and dangers associated with unkempt lawns and unremoved snow. This new settlement enables people living in and close to Minneapolis to get the quality services they need and deserve.

Acculawn has had several proud clients throughout the years for both their Minneapolis commercial Snow Removal and Lawn Care services, with several companies engaging a seasonal contract with them. They have been servicing for more than a dozen years already, leaving offices and private residences in a state as clean, neat-looking, and safe as possible.

AccuLawn Minneapolis is located at 15 1st St South, STE 1608A, Minneapolis, MN 55401. To know more about their company, interested personnel may visit their site at They can also be contacted via phone number 612-999-2670 or via email at Bookings and service inquiries can be done on their website or by contacting them.

Media Contact
Company Name: AccuLawn Minneapolis
Contact Person: Scott Hampton
Phone: 612-999-2670
Address:15 1st St South, STE 1608A
City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota
Country: United States