James Huang helps Zhejiang Lianzhou Refrigerants Co., Ltd. won the highest reward in China

China’s well-known small can refrigerant production enterprises – Zhejiang Lianzhou Refrigerants Co., Ltd. in January 2017 won the government issued by the “Zhejiang made” brand honor, “Zhejiang made” is led by the government, by the various industries in Zhejiang Province Of the industry associations and chambers of commerce to participate in the assessment, selected industry leader. As an important part of “Made in China 2025”, “Zhejiang Made” brand not only represents China’s highest level and the most advanced enterprises, but also on behalf of the Chinese upgraded industry to the fastest and best companies.

With the giant proportion of local market share in the field of after-sales car service and requirements from the local market continuously , brand of “Juhua” (aerosol cans from Lianzhou Refrigerants Co.) impressing loyal consumers deeply in recent years, under the company productions and sales scale expanding consistently , Lianzhou refrigerant has become the country’s largest vehicle aerosol refrigerant production manufacturer and marketing enterprise. The original manual filling machines have been completely unable to meet the requirements of the market and international customer requirements. Introduced by James Huang, two of the Terco (from US) aerosol cans filling line put into operation.

Through the commissioning and troubleshooting problems and improve the vacuum by rearranging the pipeline, so on technical means, the annual production capacity of two filling lines achieve to 22 million cans, far more than the same type of company in the US, excess their highest annual production capacity. Lianzhou refrigerant ranks the top one in the world now. In the expansion of the domestic market at the same time, due to the improvement of product quality, exports of European and American markets in an endless stream of orders. In addition, the company relies on this filling line, become the first “Zhejiang made” benchmarking enterprises for Quzhou city in 2017.

In addition, Zhejiang Lianzhou Refrigerants Co., Ltd. also selected ITW Sexton company’s DOT small can as the packaged material, which is made of recycled steel, the bottom with its patented explosion-proof pressure relief device. During the car filled process with ITW Sexton products has a record from the history of protection of the US consumers. The Chinese market, because the original small cans in a misuse and lack of knowledge which is for the process of the safety of production, so each year caused a lot of explosions, resulting in the direct loss of personnel and material property. Through the introduction products from ITW Sexton, it will also protect users from China and worldwide.

James Huang is working at ITW Sexton for manufacture refrigerants and high pressure spray cans at a plant in Decatur, Alabama, USA. ITW Sexton is a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), which is a Fortune 500 company. James Huang’s professional research direction is refrigeration and air conditioning, used to work with various international big air conditioning &refrigeration companies, including Panasonic air conditioning, Daikin air conditioning, Armstrong machinery, Wilspec Inc.


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