A study by Toshikatsu Group on the upcoming Generation which welcomes Sustainable Development

Toshikatsu Group has done an amazing study on how people of different age group see sustainable investment. The team was happy to see more and more people accepting sustainable development in the near future.

Approximately 71 percent of active individual investors say that they are interested in sustainable investment and around 65 percent of the investors think that sustainable investing will make more sense in the future. As per the new study, the perception and attitude of the investors towards the sustainable investing is getting more positive. Also, there will be more implications of governments, corporations, and investors.

The study shows that in the coming future, women and millennials will be leading the sustainability investments. Millennial investors especially index the highest of any location. Here is what the study found:

• Millennials are the most open to new ideas of sustainable investing as compared to the Generation X.

• They are twice likely to invest in funds or companies that aim at particular environmental results and separate because of the obnoxious corporate event.

• Female investors are twice likely to consider the rate of return and impact their investments when making the decision.

Making a way towards more comprehensive adoption

Results from the survey as to how individual investors already prefer sustainability in their decision of investment and explain that there is still scope to streamline. The finding is as follows:

• About 3 out of 4 active individual investors think that companies with good ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices can attain a higher level of profitability and are a better reliable investment.

• Individual investors depict that on an average 46 percent of the total portfolio should be sustainably invested.

• Investors are somewhat unclear over the idea of sustainability and financial profit being a trade-off.

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