Streamline the Job Hunting Process With the Workingtrades App

Searching for a job can entail spending hours sorting through job listings, wasting time and effort. Here to eliminate this tedium is Workingtrades, an app that delivers listings to the user.

Searching for a job can be incredibly tough. Not only is it incredibly tedious, as it requires searching through hundreds of listings and filling out endless applications, but also can be incredibly demoralizing as time goes on. However, the need to earn money to buy food and pay bills trumps these negatives, making the job hunt a necessary evil. The negative aspects of job hunting are incredibly apparent, prompting individuals to take it upon themselves to help make the process more bearable. Over the years, this has resulted in many different services that have aided millions in finding new jobs.

Most recently, apps have sprung up that pull together all of the job listings in an area and house them in a single interface, making it easier for an individual to fully explore their options. Sadly, many of these services still require individuals to filter out and sort the individual listings in order to find those relevant to their field of expertise. This holdover from the old method of job hunting means that users still have to experience incredible tedium and expend time and energy that many can not afford to give up. Luckily, Workingtrades, a newcomer to the job hunting app market, promises to eliminate the tedium in finding a job with its innovative take on the age old practice.

Workingtrades is the brainchild of a team of professional app developers that looked at the current methods for finding a job and decided to help make the entire process easier. This has been achieved by removing the need for applicants to sort through the lists of job openings. Instead, users simply enter in the field of which they are looking for work and their email. After that, Workingtrades sorts the job listings for them, sending the user emails with information on job listings that fit within their requirements. This innovative service streamlines the process of finding a job, making it easier and quicker for everyone. Workingtrades will be available for free on iOS and Android, with a premium option available for users who pay a small fee.

With initial work complete on the concept and design of the app, only one obstacle stands in the way of Workingtrades: funding. Creating a comprehensive app that collects and sorts job listings around the world is a difficult and expensive process. In order to raise the funds necessary to complete their innovative app, the Workingtrades team has turned to Kickstarter in the hopes that people will see the promise Workingtrades holds and donate. With reader support, Workingtrades can be fully realized, streamlining the job hunting process forever.

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