Malcolm Chester Introduces the Secrets Behind the Magic Keys of Tanglewood

The riveting novel continues

Like a girl who recently disappeared into a frightening world while handling the old locks on the gates of the 250 year old Tanglewood School for Girls, the Fab Four, four new students at the school unravel the terrifying truth behind the magic keys myth. In so doing, they face a frightening witch and the dark magic that she has cast on so many young girls imprisoned in this strange world beneath the school.  Will they free the imprisoned girls or suffer their same fate and become nothing more than new locks on the gate?    

Malcolm Chester is once again back to spelling terrors in his fantasy novels he categorizes as juvenile to child fiction.  The Magic Keys of Tanglewood having earned a Gold Seal of Excellence tells the girls terrifying story with a mix of juvenile romance, courage, and comradeship.  After the success of his first juvenile novel, Elysia, which also earned a Gold Seal of Excellence, Malcolm is inspired to venture into the same genre with the help of his wifes eleven-year old grandnieces idea of locks on a fence.  The story took off from there escalating into a well-crafted myth and storytelling poised between innocence and darkness.  

Malcolm who has a Masters in Child Study and joined creative writing classes in college, self published seven books and one collection of short stories.  The atmosphere he creates in his fictions works its way into the readers head along with that of the characters.  

Malcolm invites the young and mature readers alike to dare and discover the secret that the magic keys hold in a world you never would want to imagine again.  

Malcolm Chester

The Magic Keys of Tanglewood

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About the Author

Malcolm Chester is a lawyer by profession who represents companies before governments. It was in college that he discovered his knack for writing when he enrolled in creative writing classes. He has a Masters in Child Study and has taught children with disabilities when he was younger. He has self-published seven books with the title The Magic Keys of Tanglewood and a collection of short stories. He has two children and two grandchildren.

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