Author PJ Johnson Introduces a Brand New Genre of Sci-Fi in Novel “The Gemino Prospect”

A non-stop, action-filled thriller that defies what readers thought they already knew

A non-stop, action-filled thriller that defies what readers thought they already knew.

Cross-genres or hybrid genre books are unique on their own. Combining all the elements of fiction mainly relies on the authors ability to keep the pace without busting the flow and continuity of the story. This made PJ Johnson extra ordinary, setting her landmark as a science fiction author that the general public will enjoy. 

PJ Johnson releases ‘The Gemino Prospect’ under Authorhouse Publishing. When Detective Thomas Thompson was given what he thought was an easy murder case, he soon discovered it was something his experience could not have prepared him for. What he found out unleashed powerful agents against him and his small band of allies, dedicated to killing them all. To survive the evil facing them, Thompson will have to abandon the law he has sworn to follow if all of mankind is to be saved. PJ Johnson’s ‘The Gemino Prospect’ forces the readers to ask the question, “Are the people we know really the people we think they are?” One day, we may not be able to tell.

The zombie and vampire circuit has run its course, and now theres a new menace. The Gemino Prospect offers a compelling read that readers should expect the unexpected, or let the unexpected blow them away. With the good reviews circulating online and from her readers during book signing events, PJ got the attention of John McClain, one of the most respected NFL reporters in the country who is on the committee to vote for players who are inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He tweeted to his 132,000 followers an introduction to PJ’s riveting novel.

PJ has no signs of stopping as she has more in store: more ideas, more discoveries to share, and more page-gripping twists to uncover. The imaginations of science fiction writers have produced more ideas of scientific advancement than any laboratory, she quips. 

Her husband, Robert, is also the author of Hell’s Gunman, a unique Western to the genre, which can be found on his website:

PJ Johnson

The Gemino Prospect

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About the Author

PJ Johnson is a native Texan with a flair for storytelling. PJ is a lifelong reader whose literary interests include action, adventure, science fiction and mystery. Rendering from experiences encountered while traveling the world, PJs imagination reflects a multitude of cultural influences. A fondness for animals, PJ lives in Katy Texas with an assortment of furry pals who make life purrfect.

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