Fifty Shades of Haiku: Combining Haiku and Sensuality

A collection of contemporary haiku–an imaginative starting point rich with allusion. It’s not the Fifty Shades of Grey, but something else.

The classic Japanese haiku, a very short poem consisting of seventeen syllables, rarely dealt with love and was almost not associated with wild fantasies. Yet, a much more witty, romantic and modern form of haiku is introduced by author Elizabeth Crane Stephenson in her book, Fifty Shades of Haiku.

The book is a product of the author’s imaginative and creative writing that captures the passionate and joyous feelings which accompanies intimacy. Stephenson, who has been a literature and poetry addict, admits to being enamored with haiku and finds haiku much more her cup of tea. While other poetry and prose can carry on past sensual and naked images due to their brevity, this unique type of haiku provides the readers with the initial spark of seduction, leaving them to let the thought develop in their wild imagination.

This makes composing haiku both a challenge and an achievement for Stephenson. She believes it has a unique power to incite the emotions and can be the catalyst for fantasy and actuality. Amazon reviewers showered it with 5 stars. Lynne Glatthaar comments,

“As a professor in the Communication Arts who is accustomed to this type of writing, I found it very intriguing and tantalizing.” On Goodreads a reviewer states, “The beauty of this book is the author’s ability to express eroticism and love thru a unique form of poetry – it stands alone in its uniqueness. It is exceptional, brilliant, and sensual. Truly an original achievement that is sure to arouse and excite the reader. Written by a beautiful and distinctly talented author, I highly recommend this imaginative and emotionally pleasing artistic masterpiece.”

The beauty of Fifty Shades of Haiku lies in the author’s ability to express carnal desires and love through a unique form of poetry which is exceptionally brilliant and sensual in every way. Stephenson’s writing is so descriptive that readers can vividly imagine and taste the act within the seventeen syllables.

A tantalizing poetry, Fifty Shades of Haiku, is sure to arouse and excite readers of all ages, especially haiku and art lovers.

Elizabeth Crane Stephenson

Fifty Shades of Haiku

Copies of the book are available at: Amazon, Authorhouse, Barnes and Noble and other online resellers

About the Author

Elizabeth Stephenson has been a literature and poetry addict all her life and is especially enamored with haiku, a very short form of Japanese poetry consisting of seventeen syllables. Pride and Prejudice, Anna Karenina and Fifty Shades of Grey are among the many influences that drive her writing. Fifty Shades of Haiku naturally evolved from her love of poetry and erotica. In addition to writing, Elizabeth enjoys reading, watching movies, music, and working out. She has a very special fondness for animals especially cats, volunteers, as time allows, at a local animal shelter.

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