Templar Castle to be Checked for Acoustic Secrets

Did the crusading Order of Knights Templar learn ancient secrets about the manipulation of echoes?

An October conference on Archaeoacoustics in Tomar, Portugal brings the chance to learn what the Templars knew about sound.  The amazing acoustics of the rotunda in the Convent of Christ, located in the 12th century Templar stronghold will be explored by scientists and researchers from more than 20 countries who are focused on the human experience of sound in ancient ritual and ceremonial spaces.

Presentations on Stonehenge, The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum in Malta and the 10,000-year-old Gobekli Tepe site in southeastern Turkey present the world’s oldest buildings from a fascinating new perspective.  Sound may have been far more important to our ancestors than we ever imagined.

Organizers agree that a multi-disciplinary approach is critical for the study of Archaeoacoustics.  “Archaeologists are pretty much our go-to authority for interpreting and defining what was happening in the distant past,” says Linda Eneix of The OTS Foundation, a co-host of the event.  “There is quite a lot to learn when a site is also approached from the perspective of architecture and acoustic engineering, ethno-musicology  and psycho-acoustics.”  Also on the agenda for the conference is a workshop to define a uniform methodology for archaeoacoustic evaluation.

A statement on their website says:

“A most important outcome of the third international conference on Archaeoacoustics will be the formulation of a model of methodology for archaeoacoustic analysis of an ancient site.”

The event takes place between 05 – 08 October 2017 in Tomar, Portugal. Bookings can be made on their website here: http://www.otsf.org/registration.html. Hotel packages are available on request only.

For information on the conference and the emerging science of Archaeoacoustics, visit www.OTSF.org


The OTS Foundation is a USA non-profit organization with offices in Florida and the Mediterranean island of Malta, best known as a Registered Provider of educational programming for Road Scholar: Adventures in Lifelong Learning. OTSF supports research and educational outreach in the areas of Archaeoacoustics and Neolithic megalithic development in Europe.

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