Financial Firm American Money Group Quietly Becomes Americas Best Kept Secret

“American Money Groups Team.”
American Money Group (AMG) educates clients on recession-proof financial strategies that help their clients gain incredible returns on their investments.

American Money Group (AMG), has quietly emerged as one of the most dependable investment firms throughout America. Starting out in a small office in Walnut, California they now boast their headquarters in Chino Hills, California with prominent clients located all throughout the United States.

They educate and empower their clients with the same investment strategies and plans that the U.S. Government, wealthy insurance corporations, and large banks invest their billions.

What sets them apart is AMG successfully crafts financial strategies for their clients with many boasting handsome returns, that most other financial advisors have never heard of before.  The company delivers big time with their winning financial strategies that are recession-proof, and with average double digit returns on their investments.

“American Money Group was founded for the sole purpose of helping American Families with their wealth,” says CEO, Franklin R. Peck. “We empower them through our expertise and through our constant education. We have counseled and helped thousands of individuals and families in areas like investments, asset optimization, wealth development and strategic equity planning to help them reach a level that few are actually able to.”

AMG boasts of a clientele consisting of vastly wealthy Americans, many with a net worth of millions of dollars. The company has been acclaimed as one of the best in the area of financial strategists by celebrities, publicly through various endorsements, and privately too by some of their prominent clients from across various American states.

Their recession-proof financial strategies are tailored to match the needs and capabilities of individual clients. AMG is the financial secret that no one has heard of before.

AMG has a very stringent policy on accepting new clients. Their financial strategies are highly complex and require expert guidance and counseling. This is delivered through an educational seminar that’s mandatory for all first-time investors. Only those who agree to this and do the related homework given to them are allowed to onboard as clients.

American Money Group is a family firm run by the Peck Family consisting of CEO Franklin R. Peck, his wife Cindy Peck, and their six children. They all have leadership responsibilities with Franklin Peck ll, being the President of the company.

They have close and trusted family friends who are also part of the firm. They have emerged as the favorite investment resource for many affluent and wealthy Americans. Their clients not only endorse them for their impressive, recession-proof and double-digit return financial strategies but also cherish their trust, integrity, and character. 

AMG was started in 2001 by the Father and CEO Franklin R. Peck who has over 40 years in the financial services industry. Franklin is affiliated with some of the most powerful influencers in the nation and is recognized as one of the most powerful seminar presenters and even guest speaking at various college campuses throughout the U.S.

AMG is constantly researching and educating themselves spending thousands of dollars to help them gain the knowledge on these complex financial strategies.

Clients have the freedom to make the final choice on where they want to invest their money. AMG solely educates them on the available options and points out the pros and cons of various plans, and crafts different financial strategies for each person, but the client has the final say.  

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About American Money Group:

The American Money Group was started by CEO Franklin R. Peck, a seasoned financial expert. The family-held company has emerged as one of the top investment destinations for high-value investments for some of the most affluent and wealthy Americans. They use the same investment strategies and plans that the U.S. Government, insurance corporations, and banks use to educate and empower their clients. 

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