Author Reveals Shocking Secrets on Holy Trail in Newest Book

After Fire Comes The Rain by Khalil-Ghibran is now available in print.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 7 Aug, 2017 – The quest for the 2000 year-old legendary, sacred, mythical and miraculous vessel has come to an end. In his own ‘grail romance’, After Fire Comes The Rainauthor Khalil-Ghibran reveals the knowledge and secrets of attainment behind the apocryphal treasure cleverly disguised as a dish or jewel-encrusted chalice through scripture and folklore.

Sitting on the verge between mortality and immortality lies a highly esteemed ‘gift of gifts’ as told through 40+ poems, short prose and songs collected to form After Fire Comes The Rainor songs of the holy trail in 8 acts.

The Prelude opens briefly elaborating on the grail’s powers.

Acts 1-4 continue to unfold more of the mystery of how the trail is truly made, by what method it is made and its effects on the human body. Notable songs include, “You Don’t Have To Wait For Heaven”, “Be That As It May” and “I Left Something For You”.

Acts 5-8 reveal the untimely nature and condition of reality without the influence of the trail, the dark side of mortality. Songs such as “Forever Won’t Wait”, and “I Envy The Dead” dive deep between the lines, exploring the emotions of trapped souls.

How does one defeat death? How does one bring the dead to life? How does one make heaven to earth? By the end of After Fire Comes The Rainthe reader will have the answers to these questions and more.


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