Global Signaling Devices Market 2017 Key Players, Share, Trend, Type, Applications, Segmentation and Forecast to 2022

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Signaling Devices Market:

Executive Summary

A signaling device is an electronic device that is capable of detecting flaws in the system and sending warning sign to mitigate the chances of accident. These devices are utilized in numerous applications and have found growing adoption in recent years. Signaling devices are an important aspect of any safety management system such as Dam Safety System, Earthquake Warning System, Fire alarm system and Defense warning systems and others. They have an important role of highlight the target about the change in parameters. estimates global signaling device market size for 2020 to be around $2.13 billion. The growth of signaling device market can be attributed to the growing focus on safety in industrial sector. Also, the flourishing E-Commerce sector is driving the growth of this market.

The current report has been divided based on types, such as visual signaling devices, audible signaling device, control devices and any more. This is subsequently followed by market segmentation based on applications, namely: hazardous area, fire and industrial and wide area; while end use vertical section comprising of various industries such as warehouse and factories, marine, mining, commercial and others has also been covered in the scope of study. The detailed analysis of regions such as Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Rest of the World (RoW) has also been provided to give a comprehensive analysis of the market. Apart from this, the report also includes pricing and value chain analysis separately that will provide key insights and market scenario. Forecasts are provided for all the market segments for the period 2015-2020.

The key market players in market include companies such as:

  • Patlite Corporation,
  • Siemens,
  • NHP Electrical Engineering Products,
  • General Electric,
  • Rockwell Automation,
  • STAHL Inc. and few others.

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Table of Contents

  1. Global Signalling Devices Market – Market Overview
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Global Signalling Devices Market – Market Landscape 
    3.1. Market Share Analysis 
    3.2. Comparative Analysis 
    3.2.1. Product Benchmarking 
    3.2.2. End user profiling 
    3.2.3. Patent Analysis 
    3.2.4. Top 5 Financials Analysis 
    3.2.5. Global Signalling Devices Market – Market Forces 
    3.3. Market Drivers 
    3.3.1. Flourishing E-Commerce to Enhance Warehouse Logistics Activity And Create Demand For Signaling Devices 
    3.3.2. Growing Oil Refineries Will Result in Consistent Demand From Oil & Gas Industry 
    3.4. Market Constraints 
    3.4.1. Poor safety regulations limit signaling equipment penetration 
    3.5. Market Challenges 
    3.5.1. Lack of implementation of safety measures resulting in slower adoption of signaling devices 
    3.5.2. High installation costs of signaling devices hinder market growth 
    3.6. Attractiveness of the Global Signalling Devices Market 
    3.6.1. Power of Suppliers 
    3.6.2. Power of Customers 
    3.6.3. Threat of New entrants 
    3.6.4. Threat of Substitution 
    3.6.5. Degree of Competition
  4. Global Signalling Devices Market – Strategic Analysis 
    4.1. Value Chain Analysis 
    4.2. Pricing Analysis 
    4.3. Opportunities Analysis 
    4.4. Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis 
    4.5. Suppliers and Distributors
  5. Global Signalling Devices Market – by Types 
    5.1. Visual Signaling Devices 
    5.1.1. Beacons 
    5.1.2. Stack Light 
    5.2. Audible Signaling Devices 
    5.2.1. Electronic Sounders 
    5.2.2. Buzzers/ Hooters/ Bells 
    5.3. Control Devices 
    5.3.1. Fire Alarms 
    5.3.2. Others 
    5.4. Others (push buttons, stop switches, pilot lights, and sirens)
  6. Global Signalling Devices Market – by Area of Application 
    6.1. Hazardous Area Signaling 
    6.2. Fire and Industrial Signaling 
    6.3. Wide Area Signaling
  7. Global Signalling Devices Market – by End Use Verticals 
    7.1. Warehouse & Factories 
    7.1.1. Automotive 
    7.1.2. Food and Beverage 
    7.1.3. Chemical & Petrochemical 
    7.1.4. Aerospace 
    7.1.5. Defense 
    7.1.6. Oil & Gas 
    7.1.7. Paper & Pulp 
    7.1.8. Medical Devices 
    7.1.9. Pharmaceutical 
    7.1.10. Others 
    7.2. Marine 
    7.3. Mining 
    7.4. Commercial 
    7.5. Others
  8. Global Signalling Device Market– By Geography 
    8.1. Americas 
    8.1.1. US 
    8.1.2. Canada 
    8.1.3. Brazil 
    8.1.4. Argentina 
    8.1.5. Mexico 
    8.1.6. Rest of Americas 
    8.2. Europe 
    8.2.1. UK 
    8.2.2. Germany 
    8.2.3. Italy 
    8.2.4. France 
    8.2.5. Rest of Europe 
    8.3. Asia-Pacific 
    8.3.1. China 
    8.3.2. India 
    8.3.3. Japan 
    8.3.4. Russia 
    8.3.5. Rest of APAC 
    8.4. ROW 
    8.4.1. Middle East 
    8.4.2. Africa
  9. Global Signalling Device Market – Market Entropy 
    9.1. New Product Launches 
    9.2. M&As, Collaborations, JVs and Partnership
  10. Company Profiles (Overview, Financials, SWOT Analysis, Developments, Product Portfolio)
    10.1. SIEMENS 
    10.2. ABB ltd 
    10.3. Rockwell Automation 
    10.4. Honeywell International Inc. 
    10.5. Eaton Corporation, Plc 
    10.6. Emerson Electric Co. 
    10.7. Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd 
    10.8. Thales Group 
    10.9. R.STAHL Inc. 
    10.10. NHP Electrical Engineering Products 
    10.11. E2S Warning Signals 
    10.12. Werma Signaltechnik 
    10.13. Auer Signalgerate 

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