Cooperating with Alibaba, Xinzhongxin has made a new breakthrough in AI and stationed in the trillion Yuan smart home market.

July 5th,China’s three largest B.A.T,Baidu and Alibaba also held a AI conference in Beijing,Indicating that the era of intelligent voice is coming.

August 5th,Shenzhen Xin Zhong Xin technology Co., Ltd as a partner of Ali cloud,Also held the AI Technology Conference in Shenzhen, Qianhai,Release smart new voice technology products,It has announced many functions of Xin Zhong Xin speaker technology for the first time,Including smart home control、Voice shopping、Navigation, mobile phone recharge, call out, audio music broadcast, news broadcast, weather forecast, four operations, alarm clock reminder, ticket booking, Wikipedia inquiries, electricity inquiries, and so on more then a dozen functions.

It is understood that Xin Zhong Xin company focuses on high-end intelligent products and solutions for the state-level high-tech enterprises, the company based on cloud data, Internet of Things, a comprehensive integration of the world’s advanced intelligent technology, Innovative high-end software and hardware technology solutions for intelligent products。The Xin Zhong Xin AI technology conference held, from the industry and partners of Alibaba, Amazon, Qualcomm, Broadcom Shanghai, Shanghai montage technology more than 700 business representatives attended the meeting, attracted the full attention of the same industry at home and abroad.

The conference, in Xin Zhong Xin Chairman Mr. Lu Lin, from Amazon, Google, apple, Microsoft and other artificial intelligent voice when talking about product development, and then comes home on behalf of the enterprise, Tencent, Baidu, Ali, millet, artificial intelligence products Chi, iFLYTEK, Lenovo and others, the whole market analysis and AI forecast,Also indicate:The era of intelligent voice has arrived,AI Artificial intelligence requires more than technical thinking,What is needed is foresight、The international outlook,Only forward-looking pre-judgment on the progress of human society,Advanced control and prediction of the industry,In order to create more market value and social value of new technology products,Can really promote people’s life into a higher level of a better era!

At the press conference,The Xin Zhong Xin not only carries on the AI technology release, but also comes from the intelligent sound box technology product module, User data analysis、Background, cloud and so on,Demonstrates that artificial intelligent speech technology is used in big data、The rapid development of cloud computing, the Internet and the Internet of things, the speed of development, wide spread speed。Through the release of data, Xin Zhong Xin intelligent voice products market share is very high。

In《Global intelligence development report 2016》Show that China’s total number of patent applications for artificial intelligence reached 15745, ranked second in the world; 146 investment in the field of artificial intelligence, ranked third in the world. According to the prospective industry research institute《2015-2020 China smart home equipment industry development outlook and Investment Opportunities Analysis Report》,China has 100 million potential users of smart homes, is expected in 2020 the size of smart home industry will exceed 1 trillion yuan。Among them, the hardware industry scale of up to 600 billion yuan, the software industry in the size of about 400 billion yuan.

Today, with the development of intelligent technology to popularize human life, Xin Zhong Xin has become an intelligent technology developer、Smart home products integrator, smart home consumer products technology solutions provider,Xin Zhong Xin’s close cooperation with the world’s top 500 Alibaba and Amazon, its development prospects can be imagined,In the trillions of smart home market cake, its access to huge market value,Hope that with the industry hundreds of cooperation and innovation to achieve greater breakthroughs, Pratt & Whitney living in the smart age of every consumer, and truly promote social comprehensive access to the “Intelligent era”.

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