“Majesty Girls” Wins 5th Annual Trans Pride Film Festival

Miami, FL – August 8, 2017 – It’s notoriously difficult for transgender filmmakers to get their films shown to important audiences without a great deal of drive and hard work. Few know this better than filmmaker Veronica Robinson, who after years of work is finally receiving the accolades she deserves.

The latest is seeing her latest film “Majesty Girls” winning the prestigious 5th Annual Trans Pride Film Festival in Brighton, UK to huge excitement. While the situation have certainly improved for America’s LGBTQ community, there should be no illusion that many people – including actors, actresses and filmmakers, face considerable challenges based on their identity each and everyday.

Passionate transgender advocate and filmmaker Veronica Robinson has been at the forefront of these struggles, working hard to see her work be accepted on its own merit.

“Majesty Girls” continues to impress the film media and fans. It continues to wow everyone and has six (6) victories at Independent Film Festivals to-date.

“Majesty Girls” is very important to me and it’s wonderful to see how well it has been embraced,” commented Veronica.

“Expect more eye opening and soul touching work that focuses on all of our experiences as transgender people soon.” Veronica dedicates this latest win to the 15 murdered trans-women and all those who are affected by this growing epidemic.

Past successful work from Veronica, all of which have won honors, includes winning MIFO, Miami Film Festival, the Miami Independent Film Festival, The Voiceless Film Festival in California, The Miami Short Film Festival, & The Direct Short and Documentary Film Festival.

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