New Sony movie features music score by Dom Capuano, A composer from Dance-Pop to Hollywood Film Industry.

Leading Italian-born LA-based composer Dom Capuano is the man behind the great music of Sony’s new movie “Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion”. He has also worked for a commercial for New Era Cap this year.

Los Angeles, CA – August 8, 2017 – Sony’s latest movie “Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion” is fast making waves ever since its release a month and half back. Added to the inspiring storyline, another major factor propelling the movie up the charts is surely its enthralling music.

The man behind the stellar score is the Italian-born Los Angeles-based composer Dom Capuano who was a notable part of the production team of Eiffel-65, the band of the award-winning hit “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”. The latest movie of Sony has a score from a person who belong to same electronic-pop music past like Hans Zimmer and Tom Holkeborg (JunkieXL).

Distributed by Sony Pictures, “Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion” was released on June 2, 2017, in the US & North America. Stefano Milla is the director of the movie.

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“It was a great honor for me to score for a film for none other than Sony Pictures. I loved the inspiring storyline and I knew I have to give my best to do justice to the movie. It’s one of my best works till date and something very close to my heart. I am positive my fans and music connoisseurs all around will be able to take away something significant from my music here”, stated  Dom Capuano.

He has recently worked on another high profile project which includes a score for a commercial of  leading sports lifestyle brand New Era Cap. The commercial is for the brand’s 2017-2018 season. 

“2017 has been a great ride so far. While it’s unforgettable to score for a Sony release it’s also an enriching experience to work on a commercial for none other than New Era Cap.”

Added to being a composer, Dom is also a songwriter and producer and has worked with various international famed artists. One of his most notable performances is his work with the award winning Italian band Eiffel 65 of Blue (Da Ba Dee) which went 3 times U.S. platinum on the charts. 

A student of classical music from G. Verdi Conservatory of Music (Turin, Italy)and Conservatoire de la Vallée d’Aoste (Aoste, Italy), Dom’s illustrious musical career goes two ways- one with the records industry and another with the symphonic music. Added to being a highly acclaimed composer, Dom rose to fame as a producer and songwriter in mid to late 1990s with his series of hits for pop artists and bands like Da Blitz, DJ Gabry Ponte and the German Pop Band Karmah and of course Eiffel 65. Besides, he has even produced (RMXs and singles) for multiple star artists like Andreas Johnson, Tony Braxton, Laura Pausini, Jean Michel Jarre, Kool & The Gang, Busta Rhymes, S Club 7 and more.

After his successful stint in Italy, Dom has recently moved to the US (Los Angeles) to pursue his career as a composer for American films and media. He has already scored for a number of independent films and music for TV shows.

Even after moving to the US, Dom Capuano has continued his work on Italian projects, including works with Dance-Pop artist DJ Gabry Ponte. He is also working with various Italian directors. In February this year, he scored for the award-winning Italian short film “L’ora di Lezione” (“One Hour Lesson”)  directed by Luca Brunetti, which is based on a story by famous best seller writer Massimo Recalcati. Starring leading Italian actor Giulio Base, the film has won at several film festivals, including the Mediterranean Film Festival.

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