Latest sales training program assures commissions up to $10k per customer right from home

Create Wealth Affair is offering a tested and proven online business training program which enables you to earn up to $10,000 of dollars in commission from your home.

Cedar City, UTAH, August 8, 2017 : Those looking out for a hefty side income with minimal effort finally have a proven solution now. Create Wealth Affair has come up with a life-changing proven business training program “21 Step System Access” that will help to earn up to 10k commission and even more per customer right from the comfort of your home. The proven system and proprietary training process have already paid out $73 million in commissions.

It needs no more than $7 to get started with this tested training system. More than 3,500 people all over the world have already earned commission through this system. A good lot of them have earned $10,000 in commission while a few have even churned up as much as $1 million.

“This is no absurd MLM program or any shady cash gift policy. In fact, it’s a ‘powerful marketing system’ supported by a proven company and business model with a robust 5 years of track record in virtual education space. What’s unique about our model is that it allows you to earn as much as 90% commissions off a sale which you won’t get elsewhere. If you are aspiring to change your financial life and that too from the comfort of your home, our system is possibly the easiest route to money in the history of the internet,” stated Nephi Jessop, the man behind Create Wealth Affair.

There is no need to create products, no  need of business or management experience and no need to handle customers, fulfillment or returns. The trainees don’t even need to build websites to start the business nor they would have to sell anything in person or over the phone. 

“Put simply, you will enjoy a lump-sum part of the profits and benefits of our already established $100 million worth business – while we do most of the legwork for you. And even though it’s an online business, there is no need for you to dabble into complex computer skills. “

21 Step System Access features a proven online business training module which has already been bought by over 137,450 clients. There are two major steps to reach to the commission of which the trainee would only need to complete the first step.

In the 1st step, your business coach (assigned by Create Wealth Affair) will teach you how to post ads online on a regular basis to generate qualified leads. You will get the exact ads to post, word by word and the site will also guide you on where to post them for maximum results. The second step would be performed by Create Wealth Affair team itself. 

“In the second step, we will follow up with those leads to inspire them to buy. A 1-on-1 coach would be assigned to each of the leads who will follow up with them, sell them our introductory educational products, process sale and manage customer service and sell them into our higher-ticket programs. The moment these leads convert to paying customers, you will receive your big commissions of up till $1,250 to $10,000 per customer.”

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