Canadian Transformational Coach Helping Others create a brighter future by rewriting the past

Leading Canadian counselor is helping people to get rid of indecisiveness by creating greater sense of self-worth in just a few sessions through her unique psychotherapy that empowers Intuitive Decision making.

Quebec, Canada – August 8, 2017 – Those who have a hard time in taking decisions can finally heave a sigh of relief. Leading Canadian counselor Sacha Horvath is helping to break free of overthinking and procrastination through the “Power of Intuitive Decision making” that leads to ultimate work-life happiness. She deploys breakthrough psychotherapy to rewrite a haunting past in just a few sessions for a brighter future ahead.

“I observed great transformations thanks to your empowering counseling and that too in a shorter timeframe. Your guidance helped me to regain my confidence, my inner power, my whole essence & being”, read a review from a happy client. 

“Sacha’s guidance and tools helped to feel amazing about myself…It offered me new perceptions to save my relationship.”

“Many of us are often hesitant when it comes to taking a decision. We procrastinate and ruminate over pros & cons time and again- which ultimately postpones our needed course of action big time. Then, there are some who listen to everybody except themselves while making vital decisions. All such instances arise from our lack of clarity about thoughts and perspectives, and overthinking. What if there was a DEEPER place within yourself that can provide clear direction to your thoughts so that you can attain the desired certainty in your decisions promptly? Well, I assure you that place is still accessible and I will help you to reach there by empowering you in intuitive decision making”, stated Sacha. 

An M.A. in Counseling, Sacha has taken training in various branches of psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindful change, mindfulness, energy psychology, compassion therapy, etc.  She also has a yoga certification and is a member of Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association and Alliance Profesionnelle des naturopathes et des naturothérapeutes.

Speaking further, she explained that the inability to take decisions arises from lack of confidence. Such inferior feelings about oneself develop from trapped emotions caused by childhood traumas. A haunting past blocks one from accessing the deeper knowing and faculties such as “intuitive decision making”- leading us to terrible indecisiveness in every aspect of life. 

Sacha extends her unique 3-Step Horvath Protocol to help one to release his/her trapped emotions that consequently boosts up the sense of self-worth and the inner aura to rise and expand one’s hidden potentials. Unlike other regular counselors who take years to provide a solution, she is known to enable her clients achieve lasting results in just 2 to 8 sessions.

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Sacha’s unique 3-step approach includes:

1st step – Recognition & validation of trapped emotions that are connected to client’s past.

2nd step – Stimulation of a traumatic incidence of childhood, its confrontation & release. It is done to help the client to reconnect with his lost need to attain inner power & self-worth. 

3rd step – Rewriting of the past so that the one can come up with a brighter and prosperous future. 

At the end of the session, the client feels a release and when, reconnecting with his story, sees it no longer holds the weight it had. 

So, what is the “key” ingredient that separates Sacha from other regular counselors?

“Other counselors only look at the symptoms of your problem without addressing. But my process is more effective because I delve into the subconscious mind of my client to understand the causes of the symptoms – so that together we can nail the problem at its very root.”

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