Watch ‘Color Me Black’ by Dorothy Lucey to Know the Hard Truth about Black Lives

Charlotte, NC – It Is not just a color, but color seen through perceptions that imparts identities. Dorothy Lucey’s ‘Color Me Black’ removes the veneers of perception to look at bare skin and find out what’s amiss.

When the past is perceived as ‘ridiculous’ and the notion of love has been distorted, you’re looking at the present Black generation which finds itself as messed up as the previous generations. The documentary oscillates between a myriad of emotions – from being secure to bring afraid, or caught between the stereotypes of a hyper-sexualized Jezebel and the African woman with sharp teeth and a vagina.

“Colour Me Black” is the second part of an exceptional work that Dorothy has pulled out from her creative portfolio, and it is called, “Open Legs With A Closed Mind” which first premiered in 2013. “Colour Me Black” has now been seen around the world, and has won at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival in 2016, Dallas Black Film Festival and Charlotte Black Film Festival in 2017. There is no doubt it will continue on its trailblazing journey.

“This documentary film shows and captures my view of the hidden pain of a 300-year history. For the first time, people are speaking the truth regardless of race, color, or creed. If we do nothing, then no one else will,” says Dorothy.

A remarkable quality of the documentary is its highlight, through photographs, re-enactment, and people of all race and ethnicity telling “their” views on the Black life, of the undervaluation of Black contributions to American lives, just one of the issues it brings out without being afraid to discuss in public.  

From exploring the family as the building block of society to the notion of God, that people are too selfish to open up their hearts and minds to, “Color Me Black” never stops to shine light on a complex issue ridden with years of discrimination and derogatory experiences.

The truth can be hard to tell, and is now being told by Dorothy Lucey, actress, producer and award winning film maker.

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