HIKARI33: A Candle Light Illuminated Artworks Project launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support on Kickstarter, The Project is Inspired by Candle Light Illuminated Limited Artworks!

HIKARI33 is an inspiring art project that involves fine artists’ artworks by candle light on the surface of metal. The artworks are created by reflecting the glow of flickering light on the surface of the satin-finished metal. The alluring reflection created as a result of this process is magically captivating and has never been seen before. The creators of this amazing art project are now seeking community support via Kickstarter and they are welcoming art lovers from around the world to support this project and get this amazing art work as a reward for their support.

“We are bringing limited edition artworks by prominent artists printed on satin metal surface and mounted on weathered candle-lit display stands,” said the spokesperson of this art project while introducing it on Kickstarter. “The process begins with high-resolution photographs of original artworks and we are using the latest in UV printing technology the images are carefully prepared for printing,” he added.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/1527323285/hikari33-artworks-illuminated-by-candle-light and art lovers from all over the world can make their generous donations as well as pledges. With shipping all across the United States, these artworks can be obtained by making pledges that can range from $15 to $275 or more.

About HIKARI33

HIKARI33 is an inspiring art project started by a group of prominent artists from all across America that are creating amazing artworks by the reflection of candle light on satin metal surface. The creators of this project are now seeking community support from the art lovers worldwide and they are welcoming everyone to make generous contributions to the project.

Media Contact
Company Name: Vermillion Arts, LLC.
Contact Person: Harushi CMO
Email: harushi@vermillionarts.com
Phone: 714-376-0349
Address:1141 Edgemound Drive,93105
City: Santa Barbara
State: California
Country: United States
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1527323285/hikari33-artworks-illuminated-by-candle-light