Nigel Rawlins to hold Workshop for Professional Women to Make the Shift to Self-Employment

Nigel Rawlins, owner of 13th Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd., announced that he will conduct the workshop, Wisepreneurs, for the Small Business Festival in Melbourne during Women’s Week. The event is for any woman who wants to pursue self-employment or launch their own business.

“I help professional women 40+ shift to self-employment or self-supporting productive work,” said Rawlins. “It includes helping them identify their talents, consulting and coaching, and how that includes digital implementation.”

The workshop takes place Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. The cost for the event is $15 and registration is required. Attendees can register and book their space online now. The four-part seminar, “Making the Shift to Self-Employment” will include:

  • What’s happening with work
  • Knowing What To Do
  • How to make it ‘Work’ for you
  • Question and Answer Session

The best time for a woman in business to become self-employed or launch her own business is when she’s 40 or over. Women of this age have more experience and an extensive network of professional contacts that can be utilized, but they often don’t know where or how to begin the transition. The workshop is a critical launching point for women to gain an overview of things they need to know and how to make the shift to self-employment.

Those attending the workshop during Women’s Week will discover how to assess strengths, talents and skills. Individuals will learn how they can capitalize on those abilities to launch their own business and other ways to create a self-supporting environment for themselves.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that works best for everyone. Rawlins helps women bridge the gap between what they want to do, their skills and experience, and how to attain those goals in a realistic manner with a variety of resources.

Rawlins’ Wisepreneurs workshop during Women’s Week at the Small Business Festival will provide individuals with essential insight into unknown impediments to their success and how to employ social media to market themselves and their enterprises. The workshop is an essential first step for every professional woman that wants to make the shift to self-employment and capitalize on their unique skills and abilities on their journey to becoming self-employed.

About Nigel Rawlins

Nigel Rawlins is the owner of 13th Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd. A highly sought speaker and consultant, he offers numerous workshops, seminars, coaching,  consulting and implementation on topics for women in business and professional women over 40 who want to become self-employed or launch their own business.

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