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London, United Kingdom – The most popular commodity chain in history as the spice trade between Asia, Northeast Africa, and Europe. These historical civilizations traded a variety of spices such as cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and turmeric. As these spices continue to be popular in a variety of cultures and their cuisine, the commodity chain continues to trade a variety of valuable resources between countries. Today, the most valuable resource being traded is crude oil and derivatives such as heating oil and gasoline whereas coffee is the second most traded commodity.

Resources being coined as valuable are not the only that has changed as the original commodity chain transfers from spices to oil and other goods. Finances have changed as well, it takes a lot more than cattle and gold coins to obtain some of the world’s most valuable resources and Satoshi Systems Ltd can aid in that transition at

Satushi Systems Ltd aims to simplify commodity trade platforms beginning with commodity collateralized lending and asset backed finance. In order to do so, the company uses blockchain based ledgers to streamline trade finance. Commodity traders sign up at and get verified. Once they are verified they can upload their inventory which allows them to start receiving quotes from multiple banks. As a result, commodity traders receive competitive bids, advanced analytics, and reduce operational hassle.

Satoshi Systems aims to digitize the supply chains for commodities such as Agris (Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Grains, Palm, Rubber etc), Base Metals (Copper, Aluminium, Zinc etc) and Energy (Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Coal etc). A side effect of digitization is that Finance companies will know exactly where the commodities are, who owns them and what are the quality specs on it. This then makes it easy for them to finance those commodities in a time and cost efficient manner.

Financiers can also benefit from the revolutionary blockchain technology used by Satoshi System Ltd as they can expect to see increased operational efficiency and reduced financial risks. Financiers can expect to see an increased market size as well due to the automated work flows which allow banks to take funding requests. In addition, the revolutionary system is aiding warehouses as well by reducing costs and advanced analytics.

Satoshi System Ltd continues to be the leading development in commodity secure trade platforms due to their security, privacy, and ease of use. Unlike their competitors, the inventory registry and transactions are in a blockchain based ledger. Copies of this information can be accessed at every single node within the network but cannot be hacked, copied or accessed by unauthorized personnel in any manner due to their sophisticated encryption. Commodity traders interested in learning more about the Satoshi System Ltd, are encouraged to contact them.

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