New LP Release for James “Bubba” Hudson

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA – 9 Aug, 2017 –

I’ve got a story to tell …

It’s a story of a lot of years of living, with most of those years spent with my best friend: MUSIC. First I wanted to be the Beatles… then James Taylor… then a lot of other famous music people. I wrote my first song at about 12 years old. I quit school at 17 and took off to play music on the road. I never moved back home or stopped doing music from that point on. The road was my home. I played music with many top performers and traveled the country for years. 

I finally moved to Nashville and spent 20 years making my living playing in bands, working as a session guitarist, a session singer, a staff songwriter for various publishing companies in town, and eventually a pretty successful independent producer. My dream in Nashville was to become famous, make a lot of money, sell millions of records and hang my accomplishments on my wall. I was blessed to have produced some very big projects with very respectable sales and made a good living as a producer and songwriter for a long time on music row.

Fast forward to now…

I looked up one day and realized my real gold records were my children’s pictures hanging on my walls. And that no matter how much money I made, it would never buy me true happiness or fulfillment in life. That, and having survived cancer, changed my attitude about a lot of things.

About 4 years ago I walked away from the music business and went to work for a treatment center outside of Nashville called The Ranch:

I developed the Music In Recovery Program as part of the treatment being offered. Five days of concerts, one-on-one sessions and group songwriting workshops culminate in a final concert that the entire client population attends and features performances by many of the clients that participated in my program. It’s a celebration of sober life and a healing night of music.

Music is such a powerful tool in recovery. Working with these clients through music has been the coolest music gig I’ve ever had! Getting to be a part of helping them regain their lives back from addiction is amazing work.

My testimonial…

I used to think that God put me on this earth to be some famous music person and hang accomplishments on my wall. Now I realize that all of that music training throughout my life was for what I do now: helping people get their lives back from the deep, dark world of mental illness and addictions. For years I made money and took everything I could from music … now it’s time for me to give back. This year I started giving away a guitar at the end of each session I do at The Ranch. My goal is to give away 100 guitars.

I have a new CD that was just released titled “I’m Coming Home.” All the money I make from this CD will go back into buying more guitars to give away and to help fund the Music In Recovery Program.

I love what I’m doing… It is what I was born to do.

I’ve got a story to tell… Thanks for listening.

James “Bubba” Hudson

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