Junlian Making Strong Debut on NASDAQ Billboard Showcasing Strength of Chinese Brands

On July 31, 2017 U.S. Eastern Time (August 1st Beijing Time), Junlian Global made a strong debut on the world’s first billboard outside the NASDAQ Tower at Times Square in New York City, paying tribute to the 90th anniversary of Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Junlian Global, a leader of Chinese high-end healthcare industry, attracts the world’s attention at this moment and becomes a pride of all Chinese people. 


Appearing on Times Square billboard in New York is a great honor for every Chinese brand. Times Square, located at the junction of the Manhattan 42nd Street, Floyd Street and the 7th Avenue, is referred to as “The Crossroad of the World” and “The Center of the Universe” in terms of wealth and cultures. World class news media have their studios or press centers here to cater for hundreds of millions of visitors at this busy square every year. It is in here that world’s famous brands like Coca Cola, Chanel and Christian Dior are advertising all year around. It is from here that China’s leading brands including Alibaba, JD and MoMo have built their global presence. ppNow Junlian Group uses this platform to showcase its strength to the whole world.

Junlian Group, founded in 2011, is a multi-industry conglomerate engaging in mineral resources, arts crafts, healthcare products, catering, tourism, entertainment, biotechnology, etc. As an outcome of its untiring pursuit for cross industry diversification, Junlian Group has won a number of reputable prizes and awards including Grand Award of Brand China, Innovation Demonstration Platform of Asian Healthcare Industry, Best Business Model of China, etc. Cordycepts Capsules, the core product of Julian Tang and the paradigmatic for all cordycepts products, are very popular in China as well as many countries and areas.

Cordycepts, mistaken by many as worms in winter and grass in summer, are actually one kind of fungus with a dual shape of worm and grass. Proved centuries ago, the fungus can prevent and cure nephritis, renal failure, kidney damages caused by drugs and blood shortage, etc. Tested by modern biomedical technologies in recent decades, polysaccharides and other micro elements, the active constituents of the fungus, can help improve people’s immune systems.

Junlian Group has entered many overseas markets in USA, France, Japan, Singapore, etc. The debut on the giant NASDAQ billboard in Times Square, New York City is a another demonstration of its strong competitiveness and a proof of being both traditional and innovative, both Chinese and global. The debut is only a beginning of Junlian Group’s arduous pursuit to turn Junlian Tang into a world’s first class healthcare brand and to help sharpen the global competitive edge of Chinese brands.

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