A Global Mission to Save Lives: Now We No!

ATLANTA, GA – 9 Aug, 2017 –

Now We No!

I trust this letter finds you in good health and I thank you in advance for your attention to the following issue.

If you had information that could greatly improve or save the life of a person you love, would you listen.

Our wives, daughters, mothers, sisters deserve a choice not just to live, but to live a healthy life. Sadly, for years, the tampoon and sanitary napkin industryhas been taking away the option of a healthy lifestyle and in some cases created products that resulted in death of many of our beloved women. The FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose the materials used to create these products, many of which are harmful, and in some cases, deadly.

The average woman will use approximately 11,000 plus sanitary napkins or more in their lifetime, which means our women are unknowingly, being slowly poisoned monthly. Tampoons are even worse. Tampoons actually restrict the natural flow of a woman ultimately resulting in the high incidence of toxic shock syndrome and other health related problems such as a possible increase  in the development of tumors and fibroids.

The Now We No (www.nowweno.net) movement is an awareness campaign that educates our women and young girls about the harmful affects presented by the most popular sanitary napkins and tampoon brands on the market today. This mission offers a potential solution which will cut many diseases and health challenges at the root. Our mission is to bring awareness to the world about the Now We No campaign and it’s solution confirms the need for this information. Our belief is that once women “know” better, they can say “no” to the substandard products they are forced to buy every month. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, Edmund Garey

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