‘Standing On My Own Two Feet’ Just Published! Story of Survival, Faith and Healing

FAYETTEVILLE, AR – 9 Aug, 2017 – Author and inspirational speaker, Kelly Jones, celebrates her newly launched book ‘Standing On My Own Two Feet’.  Frankly speaking and deeply revealing, Jones shares her extraordinary story of finding God by overcoming spiritual manipulation, severe emotional abuse, and thoughts of suicide. A fresh new literary voice, Jones encourages women of all ages and those with a specific spiritual goal to face life’s most challenging situations and heal from within.

A true story of personal strength and spiritual transformation, Standing On My Own Two Feet details Jones’ struggles from learning to walk again after a horrendous car accident that resulted in the loss of her leg, to bouncing back from personal betrayal. From her unwavering faith in God to her unparalleled resilience, it exposes the multitude of challenges that she faced and offers readers meaningful reflection on seeking faith, comfort, and healing through prayer.  

“Standing On My Own Two Feet is a page turner that pulls away at all levels of adversity and challenges one to find purpose and strength through faith, love, and hope. Kelly’s physical and spiritual difficulties pour out in each page in a simple, embracing style.”
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Author, Kelly Jones describes Standing On My Own Two Feet as her journey of survival, faith, and healing put into words. A rising international speaker and motivator, Jones invites readers to explore their innermost fears and, through faith, fight the situations that hold them back.

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About Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones is an author and a moving inspirational speaker. She travels worldwide, teaching and uplifting others. When she isn’t traveling or doing media interviews, she spends time in her Springdale, Arkansas home. Kelly enjoys cooking, interior design, and most of all, nurturing meaningful relationships with her loved ones.

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