WatchTower – One Board for Multiple JIRAs

9 Aug, 2017 – WatchTower is a new JIRA add-on released by Rozdoum, an Atlassian Solution Partner, and a Vendor. WatchTower — is a JIRA add-on that compiles data from different JIRAs into a single agile board.


WatchTower’s story is simple, just as all great things are. JIRA is a very popular tool that helps guide a team through the development lifecycle. We use it, our customers use it, and thousands of companies all over the world use it. Very often a manager has to jump between different JIRAs when dealing with several customers simultaneously. It is distracting, frustrating, time-consuming, and painful.

The idea of building the add-on, which gathers issues from several JIRA instances on one agile board, appears to be the obvious answer to this challenge. Available solutions rely on JIRA to JIRA synchronization that might help, but appeared to be heavy and overloaded with unnecessary functionality. So — we have created WatchTower, a lightweight add-on which simplifies work when dealing with multiple JIRAs.


An agile board that consolidates issues from different JIRA instances. Data is pulled from each source with defined custom JQL query. A user easily maps the statuses of the issues from different remote JIRAs (both Cloud- and Server-hosted) into columns of WatchTower board. It aligns card with issues into columns and swimlanes as in standard Agile board. WatchTower supports user experience from original JIRA Agile boards, like drag-n-drop, work logging, details on transition screens, etc.

WatchTower board is easily customizable. Cards are organized into adjustable swimlanes. The source color indication, priority, issue-type and assignee help differentiate the issues on the board.

WatchTower is a management tool to keep a user focused on one place. A manager can cover the entire picture, update issues, write worklogs & comments and provide cross references between issues from different JIRA sources right from one WatchTower Board. A manager gets a clear picture of the working progress from a single agile board and can organize work more efficiently.

The add-on respects the security of your sensitive data. WatchTower doesn’t store any credentials from remote JIRAs. The add-on retrieves a token for authorization and uses it for sending further requests to source JIRA instances.

What can WatchTower do for you?

Everyone who deals with multiple JIRAs every day will benefit from this add-on: from developers, managers and team leads to top managers. WatchTower combines data into one agile board which speeds up your workflow. It can be easily reache)d by providing you with the solution that helps you to avoid switching between instances. A single board keeps your focus. Thus you can see the full picture of multiple projects and the progress made by the teams involved. WatchTower will help you to make decisions correctly and easily by monitoring the general progress and project workload.

Addon Contest – Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon

Every year Atlassian runs contest – Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon – between new add-ons released on the Marketplace in order to determine a winner in 6 different nominations. This year WatchTower was submitted to Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon 2017. If you have the environment where you need to deal with multiple JIRAs — we kindly encourage you to evaluate our add-on and express your opinion in Marketplace review, support WatchTower on Codegeist competition, give us likes and vote for us.

About Rozdoum

Rozdoum is a software development house, an official Atlassian Solution Partner, and an add-on Vendor. The company has 10+ years of Atlassian experience, 16 delivered add-ons and 10 000+ hours of consultancy and development served for end clients in Atlassian field from 15 countries. Rozdoum’s clients are spread globally from the USA, Canada to  Germany, UK, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden and Australia working in various industries.

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