Faith Based Film “RUN” Is Bringing More Awareness of Human Trafficking

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HOUSTON, TX – 9 Aug, 2017 – The faith-based movie company, Strong Foundation Films, announced today that it will have a Red Carpet premiere of its film, “RUN”, on September 14, 2017 at the Cinemark Memorial City 310 Memorial City Way, Houston, TX 77024 at 6:30 p.m.. The black-tie, red-carpet event will feature the gripping, true story of a reporter kidnapped while on her honeymoon.  The film illustrates the terrible dangers of human trafficking and stars Stephen Baldwin, Taylor Murphy and Josiah Warren.  Pastor Sun Hui East produced the project and Warren also served as director. 

“The message in “RUN” is important and must be heard,” said East. “Through this film, we want to engage the viewer, create awareness of the dangers of human trafficking, ignite meaningful conversations, and highlight what people can do to prevent it.”

RUN” is a fast-paced, dramatic thriller about Christian reporter, Natalie Winters, played by Murphy, who exposes a ring of human traffickers. Thirsty for revenge, sex trafficker Jeff Conners, played by Baldwin, kidnaps her on her honeymoon thus launching a break-neck hunt by her husband, Levi, played by Warren, as he races to find her before she is transported out of the country.

The movie also beautifully depicts the true tales of Emily, Mark and Michelle who were all trapped in the evil web of the sex traffickers.  Young and naive, Emily, craves popularity and accidentally gets drawn into a friendship with someone she meets blindly on the internet. Mark and Michelle are siblings who are separated after Michelle runs away from an abusive father. When a desperate Mark leaves to find his sister, he is blindly recruited into sex trafficking. Their lives are woven together as Levi searches for Natalie. Her bold faith and strong character always testifies to God’s promises as she endures for the moment, knowing that her faith will have its reward.

“Human trafficking is real and extremely profitable,” said Warren. “Traffickers fearlessly prey on children and young adults. They find them in their chat rooms, lure them through their internet interests, and stalk them through their cellphones. We created “RUN” to illustrate to parents and youth the importance of accountability from minors to their guardian, to teach guardians the dangers of unsupervised media use, and communicate the biblical wisdom of raising up a child in the way he should go.

Many anti-human trafficking organizations have endorsed RUN including Alamo Area Coalition Against Trafficking (AACAT), Embassy of Hope, Freedom Youth Project, Rape Crisis Center, Alamo Youth Center, Ransomed Life, A21 Freedom Chasers, Path Now Global, Heidi Search Center, Arrow Freedom Place and New Life Refuge Ministries. 

“A January 2017 study by the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (IDVSA) at the University of Texas at Austin estimates that 79,000 children and youth annually are sex trafficked in Texas alone,” says Strong Foundation Films founder Sun East. “Despite those numbers, there is only one rehabilitation treatment center (Arrow’s Freedom Place) in the state of Texas. “This movie brings awareness to the real issues at hand and the tragedies and the atrocities what’s happening, but it will also provoke people not to sit back and talk about the problem, but to do something about it.” Dr. Doug Stringer, Founder of Somebody Cares International.

“Our goal of movie making is two-fold,” said East. “First it is to minister to believers and non-believers through film. The second is to feed the hungry around the world with God’s word. Many are starving and they do not even realize it.”

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Sun East became a pastor in 1990. The teachings of Dr. Yonggi Cho inspired her to raise up the church she established under the authority of World Harvest Church. She leads mission trips throughout the world, bringing the healing power of God to the poor and indigent. Many know her from her frequent appearances on television and radio, as well as through her missions worldwide.

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