CombatCon™ August 10th – 13th, 2017 at the Flamingo!

Soon thousands of martial artists, stage combatants, stunt professionals, and tactical experts will flock to the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for CombatCon 2017.

August 9th, 2017 These fans of combat will have the opportunity to attend classes, discussion panels and presentations, watch demonstrations, participate in or watch Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) tournaments, visit Vendors, enter cosplay costume contests and then party the night away at the Time Traveler’s Ball.

CombatCon™ is dedicated to introducing the world to Western Martial Arts (WMA) and Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).  The best way to do that is through hands-on classes, discussion panels, presentations, demonstrations, and tournaments.  CombatCon instructors and special guests include world class martial artists, stage combat choreographers, Hollywood stunt coordinators, stunt professionals, famous weapons makers, leading academics, researchers, published authors, champion tournament fighters, tactical combat consultants for films & television, police and military professionals.

Combat experts from all over the world will attend!

CombatCon™ offers over 200 martial arts, stage & stunt combat, personal protection, and tactical combat classes for students of all skill levels, from complete beginner to experienced professional.

CombatCon™ is also one of the largest Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA) tournament events in the US with an opportunity to participate in a variety of competitions, from rapier to longsword. This up and coming sport gains more fans every year!

The FREE CombatCon™ Experience Hall, located on the convention center lower level, allows attendees of all ages open-access to Vendors, weapon demonstrations, interactive combat sports, LARP area, and a rare chance to experience the Knight Life in armor.

In addition to physical classes, CombatCon offers panels and presentation classes covering all aspects of combat in traditional culture. Topics include the Hollywood stunt industry, fighting from horseback, designing costumes for warriors, sword making and women in combat.

At the end of the evening’s events, the afterhour’s activity begins; attend the Time Traveler’s Ball or join in the Cosplay Contest in your finest historical outfit and modern cosplay.

There’s no other convention like CombatCon, join us in Las Vegas!

Get all the details of CombatCon™ 2017 at and celebrate Combat and Martial Arts.


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