The Ultimate Delivery Solution Has Arrived For Businesses Worldwide

It Is A Dream Of Every Business To Deliver Their Products On Time & Delfoundry Is Their Perfect Answer

9 Aug, 2017 – Delfoundry has proudly announced that it has built a technologically advanced platform which will enable businesses with getting instant, same day and last mile delivery without any additional cost. The company is offering solutions to delivery businesses that will empower them to make the delivery possible within 24 hours. In addition, they will be able to track the orders in real time, setup their own delivery fees and create regions based on the day and time. The company has released a long list of businesses that can benefit from this amazing delivery solution.

“Delfoundry has arrived as a great news for small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, food chains, mobile carriers (ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, cricket wireless, Metro PCS, etc.) and much more,” said the spokesperson of Delfoundry while talking about the businesses that will benefit from this technology. “We developed a single API to handle all the delivery logistics and widget buttons to add on the web or mobile applications to enable delivery instantly, the same way as PayPal where the payments can be made seamlessly,” he added.

In addition, users can enable or disable delivery based on the day and time of the week. Moreover, they can preconfigure and automate delivery based on their open or close business hours. The solution actually enables businesses to understand that they

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Moreover, the company makes instant delivery seamless and different industries like retails, restaurants, flower boutiques, local small businesses use its logistic services to avoid the difficulties and challenges faced in the delivery service. Furthermore, Delfoundry strives to help businesses to concentrate on their core business, while it handles the end to end order deliveries for them. Brands such as UberEats, Postmates, Cavier, and GrubHub, etc. have relied on the services of Delfoundry for instant delivery logistics.

There are several great features and benefits of this solution. Not only is it intuitive technology at its best, but it is also equipped with features of account management. The company aims to redefine and rethink delivery like never before and this ultimate delivery solution will most certainly make a major difference in the industry. More details, demonstrations and the list of companies that can benefit and double their profits through this solution is available on the website of Delfoundry.

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