A Thin, Discreet and Versatile Webcam Cover to Protect You and Your Loved One’s Privacy!

PARIS, France – August 9, 2017 – Privycam announced that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to allow its privacy protection solution to successfully go to market. Starting from US$6 for the early-bird special, Privycam intends to make a difference by making privacy protection seamless, discreet, efficient and yet affordable.

Cyber security has become a concern to many web users. Given that hacking kits are cheaply available, gaining control of personal device is now easier than before and raises the growing potential exposure to webcam hacking and the threat of privacy being invaded without noticing.

Covering a webcam can easily be done with a post-it or a piece of tape. While we agree with covering the webcam, we believe that there should be better solutions such as Privycam.

“We believe that even though privacy is highly valuable, protecting it should not be ugly, unpractical nor break the bank” – Said Thomas, a Co-Founder of Privycam.

While announcing the availability of Privycam, Tom and Anthony, the team behind the product said that they are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to allow them to produce the privacy protecting device.

“This can actually happen without even noticing that you are being observed,” said Anthony while outlining the dangers that are posed with unprotected or uncovered webcam.

Privycam is a webcam cover that is easy to stick onto a device and at 0.7mm, it is thinner than a credit card which makes it very discreet while not getting in the way of how devices are usually used.

Privycam is simple yet highly efficient and it seamlessly protects its users from privacy violation while providing full peace of mind when it comes to device with cameras. Once installed, it just needs to be slided left or right to give access to the webcam or not and to ensure privacy is protected at all times.

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