A&J Fire Extinguisher Explains Why Fire Extinguishers are Necessary

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A&J Fire Extinguisher, a leading fire extinguisher service clarifies why Fire Extinguishers are necessary, even if a building is equipped with fire sprinklers.

Brooklyn, New York – August 9, 2017 – There’s a common misconception that buildings equipped with fire sprinklers would suffice for total fire protection. Experts at A&J Fire Extinguisher explained why it’s just a misbelief and asserted the importance of having fire extinguishers alongside fire sprinklers in every building.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Most people are under the impression that fire sprinklers would just be enough to prevent fire disasters, but that’s not true. Fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers go hand in hand when it comes to fire protection for any building. Both of them have their own advantages, hence having fire extinguishers and fire sprinkles will always have you prepared for a fire emergency.”

Portable fire extinguishers are useful when small fires are to be extinguished before it develops enough to actuate the fire sprinklers. By preventing small fires from growing big, portable fire extinguishers can substantially save both time and money. Sprinklers are useful when a building is unoccupied or if the fire becomes too large to be dealt with firefighting equipment.

A&J Fire Extinguisher has been offering high quality products and services meant to fulfill fire protection needs. The company not just offers high quality portable fire extinguishers, but also fire extinguisher service in Manhattan, tagging, recharge & refill of extinguishers, maintenance and repairs, and fire extinguisher survey & recommendations. The company is also the official distributor of Buckeye fire equipment products.

Fire sprinklers do not trigger until a certain temperature is reached. At that point, the building will be filled up with smoke and the heat will be unbearable and almost impossible to survive. During such circumstances, a fire extinguisher will turn out to be effective to diffuse fire that has broken out in the building.

The company assured that all their fire extinguisher inspection service in Brooklyn complies with the latest fire codes and laws as stipulated in the NFPA’s inspection schedule and their products are current with the latest technological advancements.

“Whether you need to outfit a new construction building, or update your existing fire protection equipment, A&J has you covered. We offer the latest products at the most competitive pricing. Moreover, our advanced fire extinguisher inspection software will automatically notify us when you are due for an inspection. You can be confident of our state-of-the-art reporting program, as it complies with all the local AHJs,” said the spokesperson.

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