Amazing Millennium Competitors on CHINESE OPERA TV QUIZ, Learn More through Sanlitun Experience Room

CHINESE OPERA TV QUIZ, a large popular Chinese traditional culture program released by China Central Television (CCTV), is now being broadcast in CCTV11 channel. It is a traditional culture program which wants the public to get fully involved, the “online to offline” (OTO) all-around interactive mode is adopted, by which the audience could not only answer questions together with competitors on site by phones, but also participate in offline experience room of CHINESE OPERA TV QUIZ, to contact precious opera props on stage closely and additionally experience opera actors’ routine for instance “tightening head” and “face painting”. The opera which unable to be closely encountered in normal times would step into our life and generate cultural shocks with skater boys in the square in a harmonious way.

Three professional opera actors performed in the square in succession with delicate opera costume and makeup. It was surprising that in addition to numerous Chinese common people attracted to participate in, many foreign friends also showed an extremely great interest. They concentrated on various opera exhibits, watched the performance of opera actors, put on costumes and had group photos together with companions, and moreover took pictures curiously throughout the activity without stop. When interviewed, many foreign friends said that it was their first time to put on costumes and know about Chinese opera culture closely, which was miraculous indeed.

Besides, with the continuous broadcasting of CHINESE OPERA TV QUIZ, everyone was astonished at the outstanding performance of many millennium competitors, as well as the amazing opera knowledge reserve of the group of 100. Such as Zhang Mengjie and Jiang Ke, the winners of the competition for the first and second round, they were all young millennium competitors, as well as Zhao Yabo, the winner of the third round, was also a graduate from Tsinghua born after 1985s.

The participation of young competitors made CHINESE OPERA TV QUIZ more appreciable, and the audience also said the opera knowledge within program could “increase knowledge”, such as Wu Opera, which was heard about by many people for the first time. Other net friends also said, “We also can make correct answers after careful analysis as laymen, the knowledge point would be summarized after the program finished, it is adorable!”

CHINESE OPERA TV QUIZ is being broadcast in CCTV11 at 19:30 from August 06 to 12 on time.

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