Robert Martin Bishop Introduces Jetebais, the Fallen Angel

The book that could change and challenge all you ever believed about Creation and other biblical events

Is God truly forgiving? Can a fallen angel still achieve forgiveness and redemption after rebellion? These are the central questions at the heart of Robert Martin Bishops  well-received debut novel, I, Jetebais

This Christian fiction book is based upon the scriptural theme of the age-long conflict between divine and satanic agencies for the control of man’s will and destiny. Human arrogance, the Papacy, and the eternal struggle of Good versus Evil collide in this contemporary suspense novel that is bound to influence conversations, perspectives, and even ones dreams. 

I, Jetebais begins with the terrible lamentation and remorse of Jetebais, a fallen angel, as he begins to dictate to a sleeping priest his confessions of his rebellion against God. His main goal is to expose Satan and save humanity from deception. As the priest agrees to become Jetebais confessor, their harrowing and suspenseful journey as Jetebais acts as a double-agent leads them to an explosive finish filled with Popes, fiends and fireworks.

This book is bound to generate multiple controversies as the author takes a jab at politics, religious beliefs of most faiths and other ecclesiastical truths. Yet, it definitely strengthens faith and opens a newer look at religious fanaticism. 

Kirkus Review, the worlds toughest book critic, gave I, Jetebais a powerful vouch of endorsement saying, A high-fantasy account of reality as seen by one of Satans brothers, sure to appeal to lovers of both fantasy and Christian literature. Goodreads fans and Amazon reviewers were unanimous in giving it 5 stars complimenting Bishops writing style and the well-established plot. 

A fantastically-written religious mystery, I Jetebais, keeps the readers in suspense the entire way and ends in a note that one could ponder what the segregation of good and evil means for the world both as it is now and as it might have been.

Robert Martin Bishop

I, Jetebais 

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About the Author

Robert Martin Bishop grew up as a pastors kid in 1960 at Bristol, Connecticut. His father became a Bishop in the Lutheran Church. The divisions that existed between the churches in that small town, such as nuns from the Catholic Church being forbidden by their priests to walk on the sidewalk in front of the Lutheran church, shaped his thinking about the integration and separation that exist in faith. 

Bishop was a prolific writer in college, penning short stories and poems in his free time. It was during college that the story of Jetebais began to form in his mind. After retiring from Sales and Management, then retiring from teaching high school, he has been able to devote himself full-time to writing. He now lives in Horse Country with his wife and an assortment of pets.

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