Re-inventing and Living the Life of One’s Choosing with Depth Clinical Psychotherapist, Dr. Laurel Wiig

Porter Ranch, CA – How many of us actually become what we wanted to be? Though many of us dream of living a life that syncs with our deepest desires, only a few get to live it. Is this dream a lost cause, or do we have the ability to create the life we want to live? One psychotherapist has answered this question in the affirmative and explains how it is possible.

For a start, one can read her recently released psychological story, “Hello. My Name is Erika.” This is the journey of Erika, who embodies the quintessential prototype who finds darkness and ambiguity within herself. She experiences the feeling of not knowing herself and seeks out therapy. Her journey shows what the right therapeutic help can do to overcome personal challenges and re-make one’s life. The author, Laurel Wiig, PHD, LMFT, is a clinical depth psychotherapist and Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. She has spent decades helping others find and re-invent themselves. Her findings and guiding principles for achieving happiness are now detailed in her latest work.

Like the fictional Erika, some of our darkest moments of life revolve around succumbing to society, family, and career while letting go of our dreams. And just like Erika, individuals, couples and families are guided by Dr. Wiig and her team at the Porter Ranch Counseling Center. They specialize in helping these families come through challenging situations, move in a new direction, or resolve a family issue.

Trained to use the powerful tools of depth psychology, Dr. Wiig works with adults, couples, and families on a range of issues. These include chronic pain and illness, anxiety and panic, depression, grief and loss, trauma and couples and marital issues.

“Depth psychotherapy encompasses the whole person — the heart and soul.  The capacity to explore the depth of our experiences and seeing a new mode of being or acceptance of being,” says Dr. Wiig.

About Dr. Laurel Wiig

Dr. Laurel Wiig is a well-known and respected psychotherapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Los Angeles area. She is the owner of Porter Ranch Counseling located in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and clinical director of Therapy4help in Malibu. Dr. Laurel carries extensive training and expertise in trauma, marriage and couples counseling, individual empowerment, anxiety and grief and loss. She also specializes in working with professionals from the creative and entertainment industry.

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