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Lagos, NG – Finding a music website that properly caters to certain music tastes can be extremely difficult. Finding a site that doubles as a source for trusted downloads is even more challenging. For many Nigerian artists, the chances of reaching a larger audience are slim to none. is looking to fulfill all of these needs by providing music videos to view and songs to download from popular and upcoming music artists to those who visit their website. is one of the leading Nigerian music platforms that has pioneered the popularity of music online in the country. Their website is very user-friendly and has easy-to-find links at the top of the page. These links include categories of music videos, songs, mixtapes, gospel, artiste bios, and so much more. Their pages show the music they’ve uploaded chronologically so their users are exposed to new music every day. The site respects copyright owners or agents thereof and will remove music if it’s believed to be infringing on someone’s rights. On portable devices, users can download songs effectively within two ticks while on the internet. also allows for interested upcoming artists to contact them to get their songs distributed on their site.   

When promoting music online, there are certain successful strategies that artists can take to get their music noticed not only within their country, but worldwide. One of the biggest ways to get music noticed is having it on a site where possible listeners can immediately buy or download the tune onto the laptop or portable device. The other big promotion technique that really helps artists is thoughtful advertisement placement. Placing an ad on sites that people will see or in places people will see, will increase the audience for a song. The price of ads can be too much for upcoming artists so finding a site that makes their song easily accessible is their best avenue for recognition.

For music lovers looking to expand their music collection to local artists, is strongly recommended. Local artists trying to get their music noticed should also consider contacting Naija Music. For those looking for more on the music videos and song that they offer, visit

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