DeskGate Technology Celebrates Its 12th Anniversary

August 9th, 2017 A company that has been helping organizations secure their system “DeskGate Technology” is celebrating its 12th birthday since it was formally established in 2005.

The company which specializes in remote desktop and IT Management System has been working with private companies, banks, the army and other government institutions aiming to give the customers a full authority over their computers.  According to Turan Can, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Desk Gate Technology helps business operate at the highest security level.” With our services and systems your business or institution can manage multiple branches from a single place.

DeskGate Technology started offering its services informally in 1996 but it was not until 2005 that it was formally established. The company has been offering varied services such as data security, remote connection solutions, data theft protection especially against advanced threat, monitoring the activities of staff, measuring the staff performance, monitoring the users, developing software’s, multiscreening processing among other services. The team over the years has constituted a very experienced and professional team. According to the company CEO, the team has been using innovative methods to help organization secure their systems. The CEO adds that they are proud of being the leading company in their industry. “We have achieved this through team work, constant staff training and developing; monitoring the development in the industry and implementing changes that will help customers secure and manage their systems,” said the CEO.

The company has been developing their systems with great caution. The CEO reveals that they have always been revamping themselves to ensure that the customer gets nothing but the best. The company promises to continue providing its customers with appropriate infrastructure which meet their current needs. “We have come this far courtesy of our customer, we promise to continue offering superb services, providing them with systems that help them secure and manage their systems effectively.”

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