Creation Springs Church Now Meeting at Freedom Optimist Hall

ELDERSBURG, MD – 10 Aug, 2017 –

Creation Springs Church has launched public revival worship services every Sunday at 10:30AM, meeting at the Freedom Optimist Hall located at 6315 Sykesville Rd in Eldersburg, Maryland.

“Here at Creation Springs Church we believe God has a big revival in store for you,” says co-founder Steve Simons, “God is alive. God is moving. God is ready to save you right here, right now.  No matter your history, your baggage, or where you find yourself today – God loves you, and has declared promises to be fulfilled in you, through you, around you, and for you.  All you have to say is, ‘Yes!’ to God to start seeing a change in your life.”

Steve and his wife Galadriel co-founded Creation Springs Church because they believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for all people.  “Many people are turned off by the mistaken belief that God is against them.  We are sharing the good news that God is for you, not against you.  God’s answers are always simple.  And, God’s answers always work,” explains Galadriel, “And so, if the answers, beliefs, and values you are using are not simple and don’t work, then God is offering better answers for you that will lead to healing, restoration, peace, joy, fulfilment, success, and salvation through an actual relationship – an actual friendship with God.”

Creation Springs Church is a non-denominational, independent, Bible-based community of Christian believers encouraging, supporting, and inspiring the personal, spiritual, professional, and relational success of people by introducing them to Jesus Christ and helping them to discover their full potential as children of God. 

More information is available at, as well as on Creation Springs Church facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter @CreationSprings.

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Company Name: Creation Springs Church
Contact Person: Steve and Galadriel Simons, Co-Founders
Phone: (410) 970-2330
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