“U.S. Debt: $800,000+ per Family? Trillions? Quadrillions?” A Refreshing Take On The Country’s Staggering Debt

Bloomberg recently reported this shocking news: “Deep within the Treasury Department sits a once-secret plan written by the Obama administration that could lead to the first-ever default on U.S. debt. Bond traders are worried that Donald Trump’s Treasury secretary may have to use it.”


A lot of American citizens are not aware that the U.S. government owes huge amounts of money to different countries, international corporations, and to its own citizens. But that will change with a new book called U.S. Debt: $800,000+ per Family? Trillions? Quadrillions?, which aims to introduce and analyze the country’s current debt situation.

This compelling book is authored by Dr. Iris Mack, PhD, EMBA, who received her doctorate in Applied Mathematics at Harvard University and Executive MBA at the London Business School.  Dr. Mack and her co-authors Jiayi Chen, MS and Junbo Zhu, MS offer a refreshing overview of a controversial topic: the staggering amount of U.S. debt.  They hope their book will guide readers on how to be debt-savvy, open-minded, and set them on a promising and fulfilling path to understanding U.S. debt and its impact on the U.S. and the global economy.

The U.S. is currently sitting on trillions of dollars in debt and the country’s economic situation doesn’t provide a positive outlook that its debts will be paid in full in the foreseeable future. Dr. Mack’s new book is for people who care about the U.S. debt and the relevant issues that go with it.

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About the Author

Iris Mack, PhD, EMBA received her doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. She was also awarded a Sloan Fellowship Executive MBA from the London Business School. Dr. Mack has worked at various energy and financial institutions, acted as a faculty member at MIT, and worked at AT&T Bell Labs and NASA.  More about Dr. Mack may be found on her Amazon Author page.

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