The Great Age of Angela Merkel – Political book about the good and bad of Germany’s recent past

“The Great Age of Angela Merkel” by Egon Harings
Egon Harings looks back on “The Great Age of Angela Merkel” and whether everything was really great.

Angela Merkel was the first female Kanzler of Germany and has successfully ruled from 2008 until the present. Egon Harings’ book covers the era up to the year 2016, and gives and honest overview over the reign of Merkel. It was a time of positive developments, but also a challening times filled with crises like the economic crisis, the Greek crisis, and the recent refugree crisis. One of the most talked about events was the New Year’s Eve in Cologne during which women were sexually harassed by male refugees. Of course, Britain’s decision to leave the EU also had an impact on Germany and its people. All of these topics – and more – are covered in this new book.

The various chapters of “The Great Age of Angela Merkel” by Egon Harings show that Merkel and her party had to deal with plenty of difficult challenges. The author examines whether they have always made the right decisions, where things have gone wrong, and what nobody else could have done better than Merkel. It is a fascinating book about a fascinating time in Germany’s recent history.

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