The business of stand-up comedy is global. The majority of comics are sucked into the undertow. Ramzy Sweis is an Arab Christian comic which is less than 3% of the population. His “improvised bombing” & claims to “counter extremism via extremism”, making audiences laugh in Arabic even at his own café in Amman! You cannot copyright a joke. My Jokes Are Your Jokes which is what drives sitcoms & empowers social media.

He promises what appears impossible: never repeat a single joke. On his website of the same name, his promise continues even after 2 shows a month for 2 years from Chicago, New Jersey, Indianapolis, Nashville & Hollywood.

Gone viral for being attacked by a drunk for telling Batman jokes. The cameraman runs onstage so you don’t see her continue to punch him. In the complete footage the police arrest her, ask him if he wants to press charges. When asked her name, she says, “Kiss my Irish ass.” Her boyfriend restrains her. The owner asks Ramzy if he is going to sue her. He has fielded 147 comments, mostly why didn’t you hit her back?

Aired on WGN & livestream in Wichita & Tallahassee TV.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ovftXztoLe4

Ramzy Sweis #708.712.6462

Full Story: www.worldwidetweets.com/Attack

Angle #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovftXztoLe4

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