‘All the Rage: Saved by Sarno’ screening planned for Montclair

MONTCLAIR, NJ – 10 Aug, 2017 – That Dr. John Sarno is regarded as a savior is no surprise; his pioneering methods of treating chronic pain by plumbing the mind-body connection has brought relief — and revelation — to many grateful, and some very famous, patients.

“All the Rage,” a film chronicling Sarno’s practice of his radical route to wellness, is coming to Montclair on Wednesday, Sept. 13 — if enough people sign on (to reserve tickets and watch a trailer, go to gathr.us/screening/20532).

Sarno, who died in June, one day before his 94th birthday, specialized in rehabilitation medicine at NYU. For decades, he claimed that the source of much chronic illness and pain, particularly in the back, is stress or blocked feelings.  Sarno counseled the stricken on ways to tap into their repressed anxieties. By expanding their understanding of their psychological and emotional states, he claimed, his patients were able to turn a profound key to healing. 

His methods — presented in his controversial books on the psychological origins of chronic pain — were widely discounted and ignored by members of the medical establishment — but there were legions of devotees.

Through interviews with Sarno and testimonials from some of his most notable champions — including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Howard Stern, Larry David, John Stossel, Sen. Tom Harkin, and pro-golfer Ben Crane — “All the Rage” depicts a revolutionary and powerful line of attack against persistent pain and a wholly new approach to health care.

Presenting his story is Michael Galinsky (who directed the film along with Suki Hawley and David Beilinson), charting his own course from hurting to healing.

The Montclair screening will be followed by a Q & A with local physicians and psychotherapists who have had success in applying Sarno’s therapies.

(Orders for tickets to see “All the Rage” — on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 7:30 p.m. at Bow Tie Clairidge Cinema in Montclair — can be placed at gathr.us/screening/20532; 56 reservations are required by Sept. 5 to confirm the Theatrical On Demand showing.)

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