Will Phone Networks Fail on Eclipse Day? Printable Detailed Route Directions from California and Seattle featured on Oregon Eclipse Traffic Website

Website provides essential details on every road that enters the eclipse zone in Oregon.

PORTLAND, OR – 10 Aug, 2017 – The Oregon Eclipse Traffic webpage, https://www.oregoneclipsetraffic.com has added detailed route directions for people driving from Seattle and California on August 21st, 2017.  Experts say that the number of travelers in Oregon will be so high, that local cell phone networks may fail, so GPS and Maps will not work from your phone.  The website provides printable directions that provide providing a sure back up to ensure you make it to the Total Eclipse Zone.

“The total eclipse will bring more visitors in Oregon than any other day in our lifetimes,” says JW Bruns, curator of Oregon Eclipse Traffic. “If the weather is clear, hundreds of thousands of cars will drive from Seattle and California.  This epic human migration may have a greater impact on the region than the two-minute total eclipse of the sun.”

Oregon has limited freeways.  Roads into the eclipse zone are expected to bottleneck as people overwhelm the available routes.  In Oregon, the eclipse zone is in rural counties.  Many anticipate that cell phone access will become overloaded and fail.  Some have expressed concern over gas supplies.  Restroom facilities are inadequate. Highway services like grocery stores will be overwhelmed. 

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has suggested that Oregon Eclipse goers should plan on an extra day after the eclipse for travel.  The reason for this warning is clear.  After the eclipse, the freeways in Southern Washington and Northern California are insufficient for the number of visitors.  Eclipse travelers may well have an unexpected night outdoors in Oregon before they can leave the area.

Oregon Eclipse Southbound Directions from Portland, Seattle and British Columbia may be found at: http://www.oregoneclipsetraffic.com/inthezone-sb.html.

Oregon Eclipse Northbound Directions from the Bay Area, Sacramento and Los Angeles, California, may be found at http://www.oregoneclipsetraffic.com/inthezone-nb.html.  Both pages feature cached traffic maps that will be fast loading on eclipse day.

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