Michael Hanson Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Setting Up His Dream Handmade Furniture Manufacturing Workshop

Michael Hanson takes the Kickstarter route to raise funds for establishing a bespoke handmade furniture manufacturing workshop.

Michael Hanson, a professional in a high-end furniture manufacturing company based in North West England, has announced launch of his Kickstarter campaign for raising funds to build his own handmade furniture workshop. Michael has a passion for furniture making and has been working for the last eight years as a foreman for a company that makes freestanding furniture. He now wants to start a venture of his own by establishing a proper workshop for furniture manufacturing. His ultimate aim is to set up an interior designing and manufacturing company.

“I have launched this campaign on Kickstarter solely to raise funds for purchasing machinery for a basic bespoke furniture workshop,” says Michael Hanson while detailing his dream project. I hope to utilize my specialist skills in handmade furniture by establishing this workshop. My dream is to create unique pieces for designing interiors across homes in the UK that people will be proud of.”

Michael is aware that the amount targeted in the Kickstarter campaign will not be enough for all the machinery needed to start a full-fledged furniture workshop. He plans to invest initially on two key tools – the panel saw and edge bender. Next equipment that he plans to procure is the heated membrane press. Once these tools are obtained, he will be able to design and develop various types of bespoke furniture pieces of different shapes and sizes.

According to Michael Hanson, the project does not aim to develop a workshop filled with basic machinery for creating bespoke handmade furniture pieces. If the funding is successful, it will have a huge domino effect on him as he will have the tools needed to explore his creative side and build a steady and successful business in bespoke furniture making.

There are no major risks associated with the bespoke handmade furniture manufacturing workshop project. All Michael needs to do is procure the initial machinery which he has already begin renting. The workshop can become fully functional and operate at peak efficiency within no time, if the funding goals are achieved.

Michael Hanson believes in following his dreams and that’s why he has chosen the Kickstarter funding route to achieve them. This is his first Kickstarter project but he is positive that he will be able to take many positives from this. He does not want to have any regrets many years down the line about not following his passion and living a very different life that what he hopes to live now.

Michael is aiming to raise £30,000 from the Kickstarter funding within the deadline of August 16, 2017. He admits that being short of funds; he will not be in a position to offer any attractive incentives to participants in the campaign. Every participant will receive his personal token of appreciation – a handwritten thank you card.

About the project:

Michael Hanson, a foreman with a high-end furniture making firm, has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make his dream of a bespoke handmade furniture workshop come true. Michael aims to raise £30,000 for the project to buy basic furniture workshop equipment and will add more tools as work progresses.

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