Writer/Artist Felipe Smith Launches Kickstarter Campaign For His Death Metal Zombie Cop Issue Project

Writer and artist, Felipe Smith announces fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for the debut issue of the first-ever creator-owned American Comic Book Series, Death Metal Zombie Cop Issue #1.

Felipe Smith, the creator of 3-volume graphic novel series, PEEPO CHOO, character designer on Nickelodeon’s TMNT and writer of Marvel’s Robbie Reyes, All-New Ghost Rider Ghost Racers has come up with a new project. Felipe is planning to launch the first-ever creator-owned American Comic Book Series, Death Metal Zombie Cop Issue #1. A Kickstarter campaign has already been launched for funding this issue.

“The Death Metal Zombie Cop #1 is my dream project and will be the first-ever creator-owned comic book series of the country,” says Felipe Smith. “The book series is in the action/horror genre and includes real LAPD situation with liberal doses of dark humor. Success in the Kickstarter campaign will help me realize my dream of releasing the first issue of this ongoing series smoothly.”

The Death Metal Zombie Cop story was originally conceived in Japan by Felipe shortly after ending serialization of his popular PEEPO CHOO project with Kodansha. It is being made in Los Angeles now. The series has some real life LAPD situations and dark humor and some West Coast slice-of-life antics.

Felipe Smith is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He started doing comics series in 2005 with the three-volume graphic novel series, MBQ. In 2008, he moved from Los Angeles to Tokyo to publish his second three-volume graphic novel series, PEEPO CHOO.

After working for four years in Japan, Felipe returned back to Los Angeles in 2012 to work with Nickelodeon as a character designer on their animated TV series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was also a writer for Marvel Comics for their monthly All New Ghost Rider. He was also the creator of the protagonist, Robbie Reyes.

The Death Metal Zombie Cop issue features a superstar LAPD rookie called Marco Miranda and his disillusioned training officer Rhonda Riley. They stumble upon a justice system steeped in corruption and controlled by the Drug Cartel. They find out that these incidents are just the tip of the iceberg when the deadliest Urban Legend of Los Angeles reveals itself to be very real.

Felipe Smith is of the opinion that this Kickstarter campaign will generate enough reader interest to allow him to writer more content on the series. He has already written 2 story arcs for the same. The previous works of Felipe has a large fan-following and this gives him hope that this campaign will be a success.

The Kickstarter campaign funding target is $22,000 and they have made an impressive progress so far. The campaign ends on 19, August, 2017.

About Death Metal Zombie Cop Issue #1:

The Death Metal Zombie Cop Issue #1 is the brainchild of Ohio-born writer/artist Felipe Smith. He has an impressive body of work to show and has a good fan-following. Death Metal Zombie Cop #1 is the first ever creator-owned American Comic Book Series. The Kickstarter campaign funds will go towards production costs and to meet backer rewards. 

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