Iuonut LLC Released A High Quality Product After Months of Testing

Scratch Of Map Company Has Got Great Feedback On Their First Product


Today, Iuonut LLC a specialized Scratch off Map company has finished with their product testing. After releasing the product in February 2017, they gathered feedback from clients and improved the product based on it. Six months of hard work and happy clients has translated into releasing the product onto the biggest e-commerce site in US, Amazon.com.



The company CEO, Alex Iuonut said: “This months of product testing and feedback gathering, brought us at the point in which we can say that we have a high-quality product with great reviews. We have decided to release this product into the US market by publishing it on the biggest e-commerce site in the United States which is Amazon.com. We are constantly gathering feedback to improve quality and customer experience because we love and respect our clients.”

To gain feedback in the process, Iuonut has planed and executed the following tactics:

Released the beta product onto the US market and reached out to clients for feedback.

Continuous communication with the factory staff brought the product the quality that it has today.

After gathering feedback, the company decided to list the product onto the biggest e-commerce site in the US with a huge discount for it’s first customers, 53% off.
Soon after the launch of the product, we got happy clients with awesome photo and video feedback.

About Iuonut LLC: Iuonut LLC, is a specialized Scratch Off Map company based in Wilmington, Delaware. Founded in 2017, Iuonut has brought into the US market the best scratch off map, based on the feedback they have received from more than 600 product testers. Iuonut’s mission is to give great value to it’s customers and the envoierment and the connection that they have with their clients is the most important thing to them.

Media Contact
Company Name: Iuonut LLC
Contact Person: Alexandru Iuonut
Email: alex@iuonut.com
Phone: +40 770 874 932
City: Wilmington
State: Delaware
Country: United States
Website: http://iuonut.com/