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E-cigarettes – how effective they are?

The popularity of e-cigarettes has shot up in the last few years as a smoking alternative with minimal ill-effects on the human body. Generally, vaping gear or e-cigarettes consist of several components like the e-liquid, the tanks, mods, batteries etc. e-liquids consist of harmless flavoured liquid that vaporizes in the process of inhaling. There are thousands of flavours available in the market for e-juices with different strengths. The strength means the nicotine content present in the liquid that ranges from 0% to 36%. While 0% e-liquids are a great option to quit smoking with zero nicotine level, giving the smokers a feeling of smoking. On the other hand, the e-juices with higher strengths can satisfy the needs of light to heavy smokers. The higher the strength, the higher is the nicotine level present in the e-juice.

There are doubts and confusions over the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation product as many people get addicted to vaping while trying to quit smoking. But, unlike traditional cigarettes, apart from the nicotine present in the e-juice, there is hardly any other harmful substance present in e-cigarettes. This definitely makes them a far better choice than regular cigarettes. Also, e-cigarettes can be a little costly and the process might seem to be a little inconvenient, so not everyone finds them as a good option. The battery needs to get charged after a few hours of continuous usage and the e-juice needs to get refilled.

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