Mesay translates your voice in 17 languages

Mesay, as a leading product in the auto translation industry, will be launching a crowd funding project on 20th August 2017, via, the biggest crowd funding platform in the U.S.,aiming at a goal of USD 100,000 within 10 days.

Mesay is the world’s smallest auto translator device that can easily be put into the pocket. Through its built-in artificial intelligence technology, users can freely communicate with the local people, nearly all over the globe.


Using 3G or WIFI to connect online, there are 17 kinds of foreign language translation models. The recognition and accuracy rate is as high as 95% or more,within 2 seconds. The best partis  that you can be worry free when there is no WIFI  connection. Mesay’s core technology offers, offline speech accessability for Chinese to English translation, this can be achieved whenever and wherever the speech needs to be translated.


Mesay’s design is simple, which makes it easy to use. It is  like hiring an interpreter, just talk to it and it talks to others.

17 different languages are not the limit, but the start. In the future, Mesay will be featuring more multilingual speech translations.

Mesay helps international travellers, business persons, overseas students and whoever wants to communicate with foreign people and their culture. Especially for travelers, who will never need to worry about asking directions, ordering food, checking in and out, and many other  common universal phrases.


With Mesay, it can also be used as a recorder and MP3 player For more functions and related info, check out the website at: If interested, find the group on Facebook. (

Below are some reviews from the testers:

“Since I started to use Mesay, it has become my close friend in a foreign country. It is hard to imagine how I would cope if I were to  lose this translator, my journey will be filled with various kinds of problems”.
 – Sarah Bar/Traveler

“I have to admit that it was Mesay that helped us solve many problems in the process of making friends with foreigners, as we all came from different cultural backgrounds!”
 – Adrian Garcia/Student studying abroad

“International business grew rapidly, but it was awkward  when  there was no interpreter for our customers. Mesay really works. Now we can serve the whole world!”
– Vikas Jangra/Web-store owner

About us

Mesay is an innovative science and technology i company. Created in the name of communication, to change and even  revolutionalisethe way of cross-language communication. It probed deep into the translation market, and found that the market was chaotic, the  product functions were deficient and had a bad appearance. It recognized that with increasingly more people  travelling abroad, they needed a translator that would make it easier for travelers to communicate in a foreign country. Based on the operational principle of, “quality products, convenient features and a sweet experience”, Mesay is dedicated to the product innovation of instant translation and brand innovation, to produce a new, fashionable and international cross-language communication experience.





Media Contact
Contact Person: Ying Zhang
Phone: +64 211 998 558
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